Automatic Speech Recognition in Einstein Voice

Einstein Voice combined the power of artificial intelligence through voice technology and CRM. Using only voice commands, Einstein Voice users were able to take advantage of the several cloud-based resources and the Salesforce CRM system. From being reminded automatically of meetings, alerts to the status of business objectives, there are several ways you could have utilized Einstein Voice.

In combination with Alexa, Siri, and even Google, Einstein Voice spoke directly to mobile apps or through smart speakers such as Echo and Google Home. Einstein Voice goes beyond just passively dictating important information. It could also suggest the next steps and even execute tasks. Einstein Voice really set the bar high until decided to abandon the project altogether but understanding it worked is a great focal point on how voice integrates with CRM with AI capabilities. Let’s look at the different aspects of its implementation:

How does automatic speech recognition work?

Before we can understand how Automatic Speech works in Einstein Voice, it is necessary to understand what Automatic Speech Recognition (or ASR) is.

ASR is a type of technology that allows humans to speak to computer interfaces conversationally. Mimicking human conversation, advanced ASR enables users to talk to virtual assistants and execute commands through them.

For ASR to work, it has to pass through a channel that can process human voices through a microphone and feed it into the right places for processing.

The Einstein Voice Assistant

Einstein Voice worked by transcribing the audio from users through their devices and runs them through natural language models, converting the spoken word into a machine-readable format. Afterward, Einstein could classify it into the necessary categories and forward it towards the right data centers.

Einstein would search the Salesforce system to extract and normalize inputs. Next, Einstein Voice would either tell you what you want to hear or show the fields that you want to see through your mobile device screen.

Lastly, Einstein Voice did not just pull information from the CRM system. Einstein also analyzed the information that was requested and would ask users if they wanted to schedule more tasks or set reminders.

Einstein Voice promptly logged all concerns in detail. With this, repeat requests were more efficient every single time. Einstein Voice also ensured that logged events were up-to-date and contained all the necessary information or next steps.

Einstein Voice Replacement

With these, Einstein Voice was just scratching the surface of what voice to CRM technology could do before they quietly shut down services in 2020.

Despite this, many users are still looking for ways to take advantage of machine learning and the power of voice recognition technology for their CRM systems.

For users still searching for an Einstein Alternative, Hey DAN does all this and more. Hey DAN not only uses ASR to process your voice commands, but it also uses trained human specialists to verify information that technology is not capable of doing yet.

With Hey DAN, you can get all the benefits of an ASR integrated into any CRM software of your choosing. You don’t have to worry about migrating your data or teaching your team how to use new software. Hey DAN comes up with solutions that will enable your sales force and be the Einstein Voice Replacement to further improve your sales.

Why Your Company Needs Voice to CRM Technology Today

Adoption for new and innovative technology always takes time. When it’s primary users have their hands full with endless task lists, it’s no wonder why it takes teams a long time to adapt.

For fear of hampering existing productivity, many decision-makers like veteran sales leaders refuse to change what they have always done. No one has time to make space in their busy schedule to train teams from the ground up.

Despite this, there are endless benefits that come with using intelligent voice technology. After getting over the initial learning curve, companies that invest in transitioning their teams benefit exponentially.

Here are a few reasons why your company needs Voice to CRM technology today:

Organized Data

An effective voice to crm program keeps track of all logs of every concern or request that you make. You will never have to worry about losing client information on the go ever again. Integrated with your CRM software, voice technology keeps data more accurate, up-to-date, and relevant.

Higher Productivity

Voice to CRM technology helps eliminate hours spent manually typing sales data. An estimate of 2/3 of all sales professionals spends their time doing work unrelated to their core functions. Many salespeople struggle with many types of administrative work. Sometimes, these include expense filing, meeting information, and scheduling. With the freedom to dictate meeting notes, details, and tasks, Einstein Voice opens up more time for salespeople to find more clients and close sales.

Increased Happiness

Overall, employees who feel like their time is valued are happier. With better ways to spend their time, they can find more moments to breathe and relax in between meetings. While the initial months of implementation might be challenging, making sure it goes smoothly would guarantee happiness for years.


Voice to CRM Technology is your Einstein Voice Replacement

Investing in voice to CRM technology should be a priority for companies who rely on their people always on the go. Gone are the days that your teams need to go back to the office to file reports, send updates, and automate activities.

While Salesforce has closed the doors on Einstein Voice, you do have other voice to SalesForce CRM options that provide the same, if not more.

Using just your voice, Hey DAN can take your CRM system to the next level. Using machine learning and human empathy, Hey DAN helps you populate, maintain, and improve any CRM system of your choosing.

Hey DAN is coming up with a real Einstein Voice replacement that should be available in the SalesForce marketplace this year.

How to Use Salesforce for Your Non-Profit

When it comes to running non-profits, everyone knows that you always need to do more than your role. Between finding potential donors to engaging volunteers, you will never have enough time to finish what you have to do.

Thankfully, Salesforce is here to help. SFDC is a CRM tool designed to grow and nurture your non-profit community. From inviting prospective donors to sharing accomplishments with your volunteers, Salesforce helps non-profits make the best out of their resources. Here are a few ways how:


More Time Finding New Supporters

Volunteers and donors are the lifeblood of every non-profit. However, millions of non-profits always need an extra hand. Finding the right people to help your cause can be difficult in a sea of options. However, it is not impossible.

Salesforce helps non-profits keep track of interested supporters by tracking meetings, calls, and emails. In fact, Salesforce even lets you sync information about prospective supporters and recommend the best time to follow up with them.


Stay Engaged with Your Community

One way to make sure that your advocacy stays on top of people’s minds is to keep your community engaged consistently. Whether it is testimonials of the people you have helped or photos from a recent fundraising event, you can make sure that your followers know about every milestone with your non-profit.

Additionally, small things like greeting people on their birthdays and saying thank you for their support can mean all the difference. For the big moments, small moments, and everything in between, Salesforce is there to share it with your supporters.


Multi-Platform Usage

Whether you are on the road at a volunteer event or a dinner with potential donors, Salesforce keeps you on top of every customer touchpoint. For any questions about the data, how engaged people are, and your growth, Salesforce allows the data accessible right in the palm of your hands.

Build credibility by always having your number on hand. When working with non-profit organizations, trust is everything. Supporters need to know that contributing to your work will bear fruit. Having access to things on the go can mean the difference between keeping a relationship going or fading into obscurity.


Voice to SalesForce CRM with Hey DAN

With so many things on your plate, it is no wonder that non-profit professionals are looking for all the help that they can get.

Salesforce is an undeniably useful tool. However, it can get confusing and hard to manage. To make the most out of it, you need to utilize the various tools available and bring your CRM system to the next level.

Thankfully, with Hey DAN, you do not have to do these things alone. Hey DAN combines machine learning and human specialists to build your CRM system up to the highest standard. Not only will you be assured that your CRM system has the correct data entry, but that it is also always up-to-date.

With Hey DAN, you can rest easy knowing that you will never drop the ball and keep your donors, volunteers, and teammates on the same page.

7 Practical Uses for Einstein Voice

Einstein Voice was a powerful voice to CRM tool that worked in sync with Salesforce. Before Salesforce shutdown Einstein Voice, it had a lot of practical uses.

With so many capabilities, Einstein Voice had the potential to improve the productivity of your business across units. Here are a few practical applications it offered that could have helped your company:


machine learning with einstein voiceLead Scoring Prioritization

The most obvious practical use for Einstein Voice was its use for sales. Predictive lead scoring methodologies by Salesforce Einstein helped sales professionals make the most out of their meetings. By assigning scores to high-quality leads, sales teams don’t have to worry about wasting their time trying to convert low-value relationships.


Automated Follow-Ups

After finding good leads, sales teams need to nurture the relationship into sales. However, keeping track and following up with potential customers can still be a lot of work. With Einstein Voice, all they had to do was say when the follow-up should take place, and the automated reminders would keep them on track.


Predictive Content

Einstein Voice helped make sure that whatever your team knows about your customer, everyone else in your company would know about too. Using predictive content, your team would not have to spend so much time matching a customer with your offers. With advanced recommendation systems, predicting what makes your customers happy would have been automatic.


Activity Capture

Using the automatic integration with email and calendar features, you can bet that it could have helped identify customers with incomplete, inaccurate, or even fraudulent data. Users could have had a better understanding of how effective their campaigns were at any given time.


Sentiment Analysis

With its advanced system, Einstein Voice could analyze the tone and sentiment of conversations from over ten languages. By knowing exactly how your customers feel, you can build an experience that caters to what they look for with your brand, whether it is to appease a negative experience or enhance a happy one.


Case Escalation

Having irate customers is always part of the experience of every business. When issues are resolved and handled well, customers trust your brand more. Salesforce Einstein helped classify the situation of every customer and prioritized the concerns of those with the most urgent cases first.


Einstein Voice Alternative 

Einstein Voice had a lot of wasted potentials that could have revolutionized the way your company does business. However, you still have other alternatives now that they have shut down their operations.

A Better Einstein Voice Option

With partners like Hey DAN, you can get the many practical uses of of their Voice to SalesForce (SFDC) CRM. Hey DAN works to give you all these same benefits as a legitimate Einstein Voice alternative that can help you maximize your CRM and optimize your sales team efforts.

Improve everything from your sales, marketing to customer service using Hey DAN’s CRM Data Entry service that combines human expertise with artificial intelligence via Voice to CRM. Make every experience with your company memorable and pleasant. Give your team the tools you need to succeed and do better work every single time.

Customer Service and Support with Einstein Voice

All businesses will need the help of customer support to keep customers happy. No matter how well-designed your product or service is, many customers may encounter personalized issues that may affect their experience. To help predict, manage, and avoid aggravating irate customers, Salesforce developed Einstein Voice.

Einstein Voice helps make the Salesforce CRM artificial intelligence software smarter. With Einstein Voice, companies can do a variety of support functions that can help customer service professionals do their job better.

Using machine learning, Einstein Voice helped make the Salesforce CRM smarter and more effective. Through analyzing large amounts of data in an instant, Einstein helped customer service teams make decisions better and faster.

Here are a few ways that Einstein Voice helped companies make better customer service decisions:

einstein abstractSmart Discovery and Data Preparation

Smart discovery and data preparation features helped teams get insights on possible issues that could have arisen. With this, possible surges in customer concerns after events such as system updates could have been better prepared for and managed beforehand.

Case Escalation Capabilities

With a refined feedback loop, customer service teams could update the status of customer cases live. When concerns would get out of hand or become urgent, Einstein helped by prioritizing customers who needed the most help.

Knowledge Management

By keeping track of recurring concerns from particular types of customers, teams could refine better resolutions using historical data. Einstein Voice helped build a repository of related questions, concerns, and answers that were easily accessible.

Support Content Creation

Through voice technology, customer service representatives could have helped direct customers to the right resources such as articles or blogs that could resolve their concerns. With this, companies could effectively reduce the time it takes to resolve issues through the recommendation of various self-service options.


Professional CRM Data Entry Backed by Artificial Intelligence

Unfortunately, Salesforce pulled the plug on Einstein Voice this 2020. With this, it leaves a lot of companies rattled by all the tasks that they need to keep customers happy. Thankfully, other Einstein Voice alternatives can still help them do their job.

These days, customers are becoming more and more particular about the level of quality they expect from customer service professionals. While many innovations such as chatbots and automated responses have helped ease the burden, many companies still prefer the help of a real person to resolve their concerns.

With Hey DAN, customer service professionals can pull from the artificial intelligence-enabled technology and give you all the benefits of Einstein Voice and more. Additionally, if you want to offload some of your team’s workload to professional crm experts, Hey DAN can do that for you too. Hey DAN combines machine learning and trained staff to help augment your company customer service needs using any CRM system of your choosing through Voice to CRM data entry services.

When faced with a stressful situation, nothing beats the empathy and understanding of another person. Let Hey DAN be your partner in keeping your customers happy.

How Did Machine Learning in Einstein Voice Work

How Did Machine Learning in Einstein Voice Work?

Einstein Voice utilized several different kinds of machine learning tools for their predictive analytics. Produced as a Voice to SalesForce CRM solution which was then abandoned by the company.

It would still be good to understand how Einstein Voice deployed machine learning in their platform as a reference of what could have been or what would be good to build as a complete solution in the crm voice industry.

The three types of machine learning tools by Einstein Voice are Einstein Discovery, Einstein Prediction Builder and Einstein Next Best Action. If you want to learn about how they’re similar and different, read below to know more:


machine learningEinstein Discovery

Known as discovery tool, Einstein Discovery derives customer insights from a combination of external and internal data points – your website, marketing campaigns, your internal team’s notes, and so on.

Designed to minimize the time required to make routine decisions, Einstein Discovery helps reveal information about the state of your business. Additionally, Einstein Discovery recommends the best course of action based on its programming.


Einstein Prediction Builder

As business become more forward-thinking, Einstein Prediction Builder helps you create predictions that are custom-designed to your needs. This can be used to analyze things like the likelihood of delayed payment, making a repeat purchase, the risk of churn, and so on.

Through selecting an object (custom or standard), what field to predict, information to be used, you can embed your prediction into a page easily.


Einstein Next Best Action

While predictions are great, they’re nothing with actionable points that can be used to push them forward. Einstein Next Best Action breaks down what needs to be done and directs it to the right members of your team.

Whether it’s reminding teams to follow up with a certain customer at risk of being stolen by a competitor,


What is Replacing Einstein Voice?

In 2020, Salesforce decided to cut the cord on Einstein Voice. Despite this, there’s still a lot of opportunity and need for voice to CRM technology.

Hey DAN, a company that has served sales professionals from firms with over $7.6 trillion in total market capitalization, has been developing a real alternative to Einstein Voice on SalesForce. As a premiere voice to CRM solution not only offers machine learning-enabled Voice to CRM technology, but also offers a human aspect that many alternatives don’t have.

How did Einstein Voice Lead Scoring work?

Before shutting down Einstein Voice, the CRM-integrated Salesforce app used machine learning to enable businesses to find the best customers for their products and services.

By using artificial intelligence and data science, Einstein found patterns in the lead conversion history. With this, Einstein Voice provided a faster, more efficient solution to getting the best-matched customers to business everywhere.

So, how did it work?

The Einstein Lead Scoring Model

With a wealth of information from your previous CRM logs, Einstein analyzes the qualities and attributes of your previously converted leads. From there, Einstein Voice identifies patterns and creates a recommendation system for similar profiles. Einstein Voice generated the best lead scores for the customers that were most likely to convert.

However, this doesn’t mean that Einstein Voice wasn’t flexible. When building the scoring mode, Salesforce admins can omit unnecessary fields that are no longer relevant. It was an evolving model that would change every ten days, or as often as your administration deems necessary. As your ideal customer changes with time, so does the lead scores surrounding them.

Additionally, when your company did not have enough data, Einstein Voice automatically used data from its global system. In time, the model will change to a single-customer model once your populated CRM has enough information about your customers.

How did Einstein Lead Scoring work?

When calculating its score, Einstein looks at the significant lead values from both the positive and negative aspects. A lead score is a combination of these attributed fields.

Lead scores may not appear when you have just recently made changes to your lead scoring settings, a lead is unqualified, or if you excluded them on purpose. A lead score can take 24 hours before being fully available.

Additionally, scores on the lead may stay the same if there were no status changes in six months, or the successful conversion of into a paying customer.

Who could have benefited from Einstein Voice?

What is Replacing Einstein Voice?

Now that Einstein Voice has shut down its services, you may be wondering how you can benefit from something like it. If you’re looking for an automated, machine learning-enabled voice technology that works with your CRM system of choice, Hey DAN may be the right partner for your business.

Hey DAN is a voice to CRM technology that combines human intelligence and machine learning. With flexible CRM integration systems, you can choose any CRM system that you’re already comfortable with and start reaping the benefits of data-driven decision-making. Hey DAN, as with Einstein Voice will work efficiently with the CRM as with any other.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of data-driven CRM technology. Maximize your team’s time and effort by working smarter, not harder. Improve your processes, customer experiences, and employee happiness with your new premier voice to CRM technology partner, Hey DAN.