7 Practical Uses for Einstein Voice

Einstein Voice was a powerful voice to CRM tool that worked in sync with Salesforce. Before Salesforce shutdown Einstein Voice, it had a lot of practical uses.

With so many capabilities, Einstein Voice had the potential to improve the productivity of your business across units. Here are a few practical applications it offered that could have helped your company:


machine learning with einstein voiceLead Scoring Prioritization

The most obvious practical use for Einstein Voice was its use for sales. Predictive lead scoring methodologies by Salesforce Einstein helped sales professionals make the most out of their meetings. By assigning scores to high-quality leads, sales teams don’t have to worry about wasting their time trying to convert low-value relationships.


Automated Follow-Ups

After finding good leads, sales teams need to nurture the relationship into sales. However, keeping track and following up with potential customers can still be a lot of work. With Einstein Voice, all they had to do was say when the follow-up should take place, and the automated reminders would keep them on track.


Predictive Content

Einstein Voice helped make sure that whatever your team knows about your customer, everyone else in your company would know about too. Using predictive content, your team would not have to spend so much time matching a customer with your offers. With advanced recommendation systems, predicting what makes your customers happy would have been automatic.


Activity Capture

Using the automatic integration with email and calendar features, you can bet that it could have helped identify customers with incomplete, inaccurate, or even fraudulent data. Users could have had a better understanding of how effective their campaigns were at any given time.


Sentiment Analysis

With its advanced system, Einstein Voice could analyze the tone and sentiment of conversations from over ten languages. By knowing exactly how your customers feel, you can build an experience that caters to what they look for with your brand, whether it is to appease a negative experience or enhance a happy one.


Case Escalation

Having irate customers is always part of the experience of every business. When issues are resolved and handled well, customers trust your brand more. Salesforce Einstein helped classify the situation of every customer and prioritized the concerns of those with the most urgent cases first.


Einstein Voice Alternative 

Einstein Voice had a lot of wasted potentials that could have revolutionized the way your company does business. However, you still have other alternatives now that they have shut down their operations.

A Better Einstein Voice Option

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