Voice to CRM | Data Entry Transcription to CRM Solution

Hey DAN is the first Voice to CRM solution that combines technology and intelligence to ensure that the fields within your CRM are accurately populated. Hey DAN works with all CRM systems, even internally built systems. So no matter your CRM, our voice to CRM solution can work for you! Even customized fields and entries that require multiple screens to be populated are completed accurately. No need to worry about misspelled client names or products discussed — the combined technology with intelligence created the most accurate voice to CRM transcription on the market.

What does Hey DAN do?

Hey DAN combines the latest advancements in AI with human intuition. This enables us to deliver unparalleled accuracy, speed and timeliness of data entry and data workflows. Hey DAN supports client-facing sales reps all the way to back office support teams at a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house. Book a demo to see how it’s done!

Voice to CRM Benefits

  1. Remove Friction
    • Less touch points (no need to click, find accounts and contacts, pull downs, pick lists, typing notes)
    • Can still submit activities when offline
  2. Faster to Enter
    • More timely notes
    • Giving back CRM Data Entry admin time
  3. Generally longer notes (easier to talk than type)

Voice to CRM Features

  1. Voice, picture, text, or email to structured data capture
  2. Works with any CRM (Salesforce, Dynamics, HubSpot, etc.)
  3. Customizes to client’s sales process, CRM workflow, and internal jargon/language
  4. Follows up when user misses any company required informatio
  5. Ability to update anything the user can update manual
    • Create/update accounts, contacts, opportunities, follow up tasks, schedule/log a call or meeting, log emails
    • Works with custom objects/fields

HubSpot Top 10 Tool for SalesThe key to a successful implementation of voice to CRM is ease of use. The user should only have to speak.  That’s it. There should be no need to clean the content, to modify and confirm the parsing of the data and there should be no additional buttons or clicks required to commit the information to the CRM.

The challenge is a 100% technology solution only gets us about 80% of the way there.  The last 20% of the work is left to the user, which is too cumbersome and annoying.  Voice to CRM is best leveraged when all work required to ensure accuracy is completed behind the scenes so the sale rep can focus on what they do best – selling.  This is why Hey DAN combines technology and intelligence to ensure that the fields within your CRM are accurately populated without the need for a user to intervene.  Hey DAN marries the best of both worlds by leveraging the latest voice to text technology, machine learning algorithms along with CRM integration tools but with the support of humans to ensure accuracy along the way.  As a result, Hey DAN is the most accurate voice to CRM tool that actually improves sales performance.

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