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Creating Better Restaurant Experiences with Salesforce

In the beginning, many people thought CRM was a tool reserved mostly for more tech-based companies. However, through the years, more and more businesses have realized its immense value for almost every other industry.

Salesforce has long been at the forefront of innovative CRM tools. There are plenty of reasons why business owners should consider them as their sales partners. If you’re a restaurant owner thinking of investing in Salesforce as a CRM tool, here are a few reasons why:

Better Marketing Campaigns

While the internet makes it easier to speak to customers like never before, it also increases the competition you have for their attention. To keep your customers engaged, they need to feel that you remember them and their preferences.

Using Salesforce, you can make better campaigns that are triggered your customer’s actions and reactions. Salesforce helps put together a unified customer profile that helps you understand customers like never before.


Reward Loyal Customers

With thousands of restaurants as your competition, it’s no wonder why you have to retain your customer’s attention. Several studies have found that it’s at least six times more expensive to acquire new customers versus keeping current customers.

Salesforce helps you build loyalty programs to give customers incentives such as discounts, exclusive sales, and promotions. With this, you can differentiate yourself from the competition every step of the way.


Improve Your Services

Through gaining knowledge about your customers, you can find out why they want to dine with you and make more moments like it. With customer data at your fingertips, your teams can make decisions better and faster.

With Salesforce, you can easily manage customer reservations, create tickets for customer inquiries, and inviting feedback on every aspect of your business. Integrating information from your website, social media, and in-store feedback creates a more holistic view of your customers and what they think of your service. From there, you can improve every aspect of their experience to maximize their satisfaction.


Manage Your Branches

For businesses that have several franchises, staying on track with all of them can be challenging. Between monitoring sales and calculating targets with varying currencies, Salesforce has all the tools that you need to measure performance well.

By keeping the data of your various branches organized, you can make sure that the sure the quality is always up to standard for your brand. Creating a central information repository of your suppliers, staff, and team members can help your franchisees save time and effort.


Better data leads to a Better Restaurant Experience

Gone are the days that all restaurants need to succeed are good food and ambiance. These days, customers are a lot more discerning. From booking, actual dining experience, and every communication in between, there are plenty of opportunities to set you apart from your competitors.

Through the years, CRM has proven to be a necessary tool that every restaurant should have but at times a pain to maintain and keep updated. By getting Voice to Salesforce solution, all your data can be transcribed to your CRM automatically. Combining crm specialists and artificial intelligence similar to the debunked Einstein Voice, your restaurant can stand at the forefront of leading customer experience at every touchpoint.

Why Your International Sales Teams Need Salesforce

Through the years, Salesforce has gone from a go-to application for small businesses to one of the best CRM systems out there. From non-profits, schools, restaurants to large corporations, there’s something in it for everyone.

However, there’s one team in particular from your company that will benefit from the Salesforce the most – your international sales teams. Here’s why:


5 Salesforce Features for Your Sales Teams

Salesforce offers many options that keep your sales teams always on top. There are several features that you can use to take your sales processes to the next level. Here are a few of them:


Why Your International Sales Teams Need Salesforce

Guide Users with Path

Help your sales representatives make sure the data they enter about your customers is always complete. Through paths, Salesforce guides your sales teams throughout every step of the various business processes. From spotting opportunities to nurturing a lead into a sale, Salesforce will be there to stand by your reps every step of the way.


Opportunity Teams & Splits

With Salesforce, opportunity teams can easily collaborate on nurturing leads. By splitting teams into roles such as a sponsor, support agent, or project manager, you can also allocate the appropriate credits based on their contribution to the sale. Through opportunity splits, you can automatically share revenue, update personal targets, and give people the right compensation for their efforts.


Territory Management

For larger companies, territory management helps keeps track of the various areas you operate in. Salesforce helps organize your territory models for the best coverage to understand the effectiveness of your campaigns. With customizable components that let you create and preview strategies, you can refine your model with ease.


Currency Management

Using Salesforce, your company can easily consolidate the various currencies from the countries you operate in. By managing the currencies of your opportunities on Salesforce, your forecasts, quotes, and reports will automatically adjust to the active currency based on recent exchange rates. With this, you can keep everyone on the same page regardless of where they are in the world.


Collaborative Forecasts

Avoid tension at the table during sales target discussions. Using collaborative forecast, your sales team can predict revenue and quantity from your opportunity pipelines. Setting up quotas, adjusting forecasts, predict sales, and more is easier with Salesforce. You and your team will always be on the same page, and you can align your targets as often need to.


Manage Your Sales Team Better

For many global companies, international sales can be a handful. With varying time zones, currencies, and targets, consolidating data, and targets can be challenging. Salesforce eliminates a lot of the issues that many companies used to struggle with.

However, adapting to new software isn’t also easy for everyone, and it would be especially difficult for people as busy as sales professionals. If you’re looking to give them another helping hand, you can ask for the assistance of specialists like Hey DAN.

Hey DAN has a complete Voice to SalesForce CRM solution that can easily be connected that is AI powered similar to Einstein Voice.

How to Use Salesforce for Remote Schooling

Moving to remote learning has been difficult for everyone, whether it’s the students struggling to get their requirements on time or teachers having trouble responding to all the parents asking for help.

Multiple stakeholders often mean that data is routinely lost in the noise. Also, several systems have to be running to take the place of face to face education.

With so many things changing, it’s no wonder that many schools are finding it hard to cope. Many parents, teachers, and students need all the help available.

Thankfully, Salesforce is here to save the day.


3 Ways to Use Salesforce for Remote Schooling


Voice to SalesForce for Schools


While originally designed for small businesses, Salesforce has expanded to use its advanced CRM system to help schools navigate the modern world.

With Connected Schools, Salesforce helps manage multiple stakeholders into one cloud-based platform accessible anytime and anywhere.

But how exactly does Salesforce do it? Here are a few ways of how Connected Schools can help you engage your stakeholders:



Salesforce is a great way for schools to entice, engage, and process the admission process. From reaching out to potential customers through various lead generation mechanisms to the onboarding procedure, Connected Schools is a great way to make a solid first impression.

Using Salesforce, schools can easily provide information about the demographics of their current student body and that of their alumni network.

Schools can easily identify the demand for certain degrees, both by interested potential students and the likelihood of job success after graduation.


Increased Communication

With its automated systems, communications between the management, staff, and students can be almost seamless. Keep everyone aligned with important dates, announcements, and changes that will affect the overall community.

Additionally, In addition, you’ll never have to worry about missing even the most intimate of moments. Keep your community engaged by remembering birthdays, work anniversaries, and even special dates in your school’s history.


Student Status

The internet is an amazing innovation to aid students in their growth through their time in your school. However, it is also full of distractions. Left unchecked, it can keep students from focusing on fulfilling their requirements.

With Salesforce, students can be reminded of important deadlines, submissions, and presentations that they need to be aware of. In addition, schools can also track student performance and accurately predict the number of expected graduates.

Schools can also track the necessary headcount for each class. These can aid in hiring processes to match the incoming needs of the students.


Making the Most Out of Salesforce Connected Schools

While a great CRM tool is important, clean data is necessary to make the most of it. With new students and teachers coming in, it’s hard to keep track of everyone who needs to hear what you have to say at the right time.

With Hey DAN’s Voice to SalesForce solution, your school is less likely to struggle with keeping your data accurate. Through a combination of machine learning and human specialists, Hey DAN keeps your Salesforce CRM up-to-date and usable to ensure optimal communication.

SFDC for Accounting Firms

When it comes to dealing with money, companies can be very particular when it comes to knowing exactly what is going on with theirs. It should come as no surprise that accounting firms are always on their toes.

Building trust with clients takes time, effort, and continually providing the value that they pay for. With so many accounting firms to choose from, setting your team apart with great customer experience is key.

Thankfully, Salesforce helps make sure that you never drop the ball on your customers. Using the world-renowned CRM platform, you can bring your relationship with your customers to the next level. But how exactly does Salesforce help you do that?

Hey DAN Voice to SalesForce CRMBusiness Development

Once upon a time, accounting firms build their client base from years of work and referrals. However, these days clients have more options to choose from.

To stay on your potential client’s radar, Salesforce helps you nurture them throughout every stage in the sales funnel. Salesforce will pave the way for automatic follow-ups, internal reminders, and more.

Relationship Management

Sometimes, keeping clients is just as difficult as finding new ones. When you have multiple companies in your care, it can be easy to miss schedules. Additionally, conversing with several team members across functions may not be so straightforward.

Salesforce helps keep track of every single relationship seamlessly. You do not have to worry about forgetting the important dates and deadlines.

What is Voice to CRM?

Stay Connected

When it comes to working with clients from high-pressure environments and industries, attrition can be challenging. Maintaining institutional data is key to making sure that a change in point person does not mean losing the relationship.

Through Salesforce, you do not have to worry about dropping the ball when closing a deal because you have to speak to a different person. Salesforce picks up where your last discussion was left off so that you do not have to keep starting from scratch.

Personalized Systems

Depending on the size, stage, and status, clients will need a tailor-fit CRM system that can keep track of the numbers that matter. Various companies will have their own workflows, organization charts, and reporting deadlines unique to them.

Instead of a system set in stone, Salesforce is customizable to every need from reporting templates, currency conversion, times lines, and more.


Voice to SalesForce CRM

It is no secret that Salesforce is here to stay. However, it is completely understandable if you think that it is a lot to take in all at once. After all, accounting firms do more than just managing relationships but also do the actual accounting work.

Thankfully, you do not have to dive into Salesforce by yourself. By working with seasoned professionals from Hey DAN, you can utilize all the best Salesforce features without even breaking a sweat. Using a combination of machine learning and human experience, Hey DAN can help you build the CRM system of your dreams and keep it running smoothly as possible for as long as you want.

How to Use Salesforce for Your Non-Profit

When it comes to running non-profits, everyone knows that you always need to do more than your role. Between finding potential donors to engaging volunteers, you will never have enough time to finish what you have to do.

Thankfully, Salesforce is here to help. SFDC is a CRM tool designed to grow and nurture your non-profit community. From inviting prospective donors to sharing accomplishments with your volunteers, Salesforce helps non-profits make the best out of their resources. Here are a few ways how:


More Time Finding New Supporters

Volunteers and donors are the lifeblood of every non-profit. However, millions of non-profits always need an extra hand. Finding the right people to help your cause can be difficult in a sea of options. However, it is not impossible.

Salesforce helps non-profits keep track of interested supporters by tracking meetings, calls, and emails. In fact, Salesforce even lets you sync information about prospective supporters and recommend the best time to follow up with them.


Stay Engaged with Your Community

One way to make sure that your advocacy stays on top of people’s minds is to keep your community engaged consistently. Whether it is testimonials of the people you have helped or photos from a recent fundraising event, you can make sure that your followers know about every milestone with your non-profit.

Additionally, small things like greeting people on their birthdays and saying thank you for their support can mean all the difference. For the big moments, small moments, and everything in between, Salesforce is there to share it with your supporters.


Multi-Platform Usage

Whether you are on the road at a volunteer event or a dinner with potential donors, Salesforce keeps you on top of every customer touchpoint. For any questions about the data, how engaged people are, and your growth, Salesforce allows the data accessible right in the palm of your hands.

Build credibility by always having your number on hand. When working with non-profit organizations, trust is everything. Supporters need to know that contributing to your work will bear fruit. Having access to things on the go can mean the difference between keeping a relationship going or fading into obscurity.


Voice to SalesForce CRM with Hey DAN

With so many things on your plate, it is no wonder that non-profit professionals are looking for all the help that they can get.

Salesforce is an undeniably useful tool. However, it can get confusing and hard to manage. To make the most out of it, you need to utilize the various tools available and bring your CRM system to the next level.

Thankfully, with Hey DAN, you do not have to do these things alone. Hey DAN combines machine learning and human specialists to build your CRM system up to the highest standard. Not only will you be assured that your CRM system has the correct data entry, but that it is also always up-to-date.

With Hey DAN, you can rest easy knowing that you will never drop the ball and keep your donors, volunteers, and teammates on the same page.

7 Practical Uses for Einstein Voice

Einstein Voice was a powerful voice to CRM tool that worked in sync with Salesforce. Before Salesforce shutdown Einstein Voice, it had a lot of practical uses.

With so many capabilities, Einstein Voice had the potential to improve the productivity of your business across units. Here are a few practical applications it offered that could have helped your company:


machine learning with einstein voiceLead Scoring Prioritization

The most obvious practical use for Einstein Voice was its use for sales. Predictive lead scoring methodologies by Salesforce Einstein helped sales professionals make the most out of their meetings. By assigning scores to high-quality leads, sales teams don’t have to worry about wasting their time trying to convert low-value relationships.


Automated Follow-Ups

After finding good leads, sales teams need to nurture the relationship into sales. However, keeping track and following up with potential customers can still be a lot of work. With Einstein Voice, all they had to do was say when the follow-up should take place, and the automated reminders would keep them on track.


Predictive Content

Einstein Voice helped make sure that whatever your team knows about your customer, everyone else in your company would know about too. Using predictive content, your team would not have to spend so much time matching a customer with your offers. With advanced recommendation systems, predicting what makes your customers happy would have been automatic.


Activity Capture

Using the automatic integration with email and calendar features, you can bet that it could have helped identify customers with incomplete, inaccurate, or even fraudulent data. Users could have had a better understanding of how effective their campaigns were at any given time.


Sentiment Analysis

With its advanced system, Einstein Voice could analyze the tone and sentiment of conversations from over ten languages. By knowing exactly how your customers feel, you can build an experience that caters to what they look for with your brand, whether it is to appease a negative experience or enhance a happy one.


Case Escalation

Having irate customers is always part of the experience of every business. When issues are resolved and handled well, customers trust your brand more. Salesforce Einstein helped classify the situation of every customer and prioritized the concerns of those with the most urgent cases first.


Einstein Voice Alternative 

Einstein Voice had a lot of wasted potentials that could have revolutionized the way your company does business. However, you still have other alternatives now that they have shut down their operations.

A Better Einstein Voice Option

With partners like Hey DAN, you can get the many practical uses of of their Voice to SalesForce (SFDC) CRM. Hey DAN works to give you all these same benefits as a legitimate Einstein Voice alternative that can help you maximize your CRM and optimize your sales team efforts.

Improve everything from your sales, marketing to customer service using Hey DAN’s CRM Data Entry service that combines human expertise with artificial intelligence via Voice to CRM. Make every experience with your company memorable and pleasant. Give your team the tools you need to succeed and do better work every single time.

Salesforce for Customer Service Professionals

Customer-facing roles such as call center or customer service representatives can be extremely stressful. In the face of irate customers, it is challenging to keep a sense of professionalism and consistent positivity.

These days, customers are a lot more demanding. They expect that you remember previous engagements and do not like repeating details, especially those containing private information.To deliver an exceptional customer experience, it is no longer just staying pleasant under pressure. Customer service professionals require the help of technology.

How Salesforce Enables Customer Service Teams

Salesforce CRM is an incredible tool that customer service teams can use to keep customers happy and team members on top of every concern. Here are a few ways how:


salesforce crm

Create Personalized Experiences

Personalized experiences are now the standard. Gone were the days that customers were satisfied with a generic answer to their issues. Nowadays, everyone expects that they never have to repeat themselves.

Salesforce keeps track of institutional data, which means that you’ll easily be able to pull information from your database when you need it. Your teams will only ever need a few seconds to find what you need to resolve any concern.

Salesforce Bot Automation

With the Salesforce bots, you can offload simple, recurring inquiries or concerns from customers. Not only will this reduce the number of customers that your team will have to manage, but it will also be able to do many basic functions to relieve backlogs.

From being able to proceed with customer identification to routing customers towards the right teams, Salesforce bots help keep customers feel heard and respond conversationally throughout every stage of their experience.

Derive Insights

Throughout a single conversation, with even just one irate customer, companies can discover many insights. By keeping track of all their concerns, your team can give feedback to the right departments. Whether it is the product or marketing teams, everyone benefits from knowing what needs to be improved.

Salesforce CRM for Customer Service 

The strength of the Salesforce CRM for customer services is that it creates a holistic view of the customer. Salesforce prides itself as a complete service platform with real-time data accessible anytime from anywhere.

With all the functionalities that you need to have everything you need to know about your customer at the palm of your hand, dealing with concerns just got a whole lot easier.

Keep Your Salesforce CRM System Healthy with Hey DAN

However, a CRM system is just as strong as its data. No matter how sophisticated your tool, its success depends on the quality of data running through it.

With Hey DAN, your customer service teams will never have to worry about pulling the wrong information ever again. Hey DAN combines artificial intelligence and human empathy to encode, update, and maintain your system through their Voice to SalesForce CRM.

Hey DAN helps make sure that your customer service teams can trust the data they have and focus on making your customers feel listened to, their issues resolved promptly, and leave the conversation happy.

How did Einstein Voice Lead Scoring work?

Before shutting down Einstein Voice, the CRM-integrated Salesforce app used machine learning to enable businesses to find the best customers for their products and services.

By using artificial intelligence and data science, Einstein found patterns in the lead conversion history. With this, Einstein Voice provided a faster, more efficient solution to getting the best-matched customers to business everywhere.

So, how did it work?

The Einstein Lead Scoring Model

With a wealth of information from your previous CRM logs, Einstein analyzes the qualities and attributes of your previously converted leads. From there, Einstein Voice identifies patterns and creates a recommendation system for similar profiles. Einstein Voice generated the best lead scores for the customers that were most likely to convert.

However, this doesn’t mean that Einstein Voice wasn’t flexible. When building the scoring mode, Salesforce admins can omit unnecessary fields that are no longer relevant. It was an evolving model that would change every ten days, or as often as your administration deems necessary. As your ideal customer changes with time, so does the lead scores surrounding them.

Additionally, when your company did not have enough data, Einstein Voice automatically used data from its global system. In time, the model will change to a single-customer model once your populated CRM has enough information about your customers.

How did Einstein Lead Scoring work?

When calculating its score, Einstein looks at the significant lead values from both the positive and negative aspects. A lead score is a combination of these attributed fields.

Lead scores may not appear when you have just recently made changes to your lead scoring settings, a lead is unqualified, or if you excluded them on purpose. A lead score can take 24 hours before being fully available.

Additionally, scores on the lead may stay the same if there were no status changes in six months, or the successful conversion of into a paying customer.

Who could have benefited from Einstein Voice?

What is Replacing Einstein Voice?

Now that Einstein Voice has shut down its services, you may be wondering how you can benefit from something like it. If you’re looking for an automated, machine learning-enabled voice technology that works with your CRM system of choice, Hey DAN may be the right partner for your business.

Hey DAN is a voice to CRM technology that combines human intelligence and machine learning. With flexible CRM integration systems, you can choose any CRM system that you’re already comfortable with and start reaping the benefits of data-driven decision-making. Hey DAN, as with Einstein Voice will work efficiently with the SalesForce.com CRM as with any other.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of data-driven CRM technology. Maximize your team’s time and effort by working smarter, not harder. Improve your processes, customer experiences, and employee happiness with your new premier voice to CRM technology partner, Hey DAN.