How to Use Salesforce for Remote Schooling

Moving to remote learning has been difficult for everyone, whether it’s the students struggling to get their requirements on time or teachers having trouble responding to all the parents asking for help.

Multiple stakeholders often mean that data is routinely lost in the noise. Also, several systems have to be running to take the place of face to face education.

With so many things changing, it’s no wonder that many schools are finding it hard to cope. Many parents, teachers, and students need all the help available.

Thankfully, Salesforce is here to save the day.


3 Ways to Use Salesforce for Remote Schooling


Voice to SalesForce for Schools


While originally designed for small businesses, Salesforce has expanded to use its advanced CRM system to help schools navigate the modern world.

With Connected Schools, Salesforce helps manage multiple stakeholders into one cloud-based platform accessible anytime and anywhere.

But how exactly does Salesforce do it? Here are a few ways of how Connected Schools can help you engage your stakeholders:



Salesforce is a great way for schools to entice, engage, and process the admission process. From reaching out to potential customers through various lead generation mechanisms to the onboarding procedure, Connected Schools is a great way to make a solid first impression.

Using Salesforce, schools can easily provide information about the demographics of their current student body and that of their alumni network.

Schools can easily identify the demand for certain degrees, both by interested potential students and the likelihood of job success after graduation.


Increased Communication

With its automated systems, communications between the management, staff, and students can be almost seamless. Keep everyone aligned with important dates, announcements, and changes that will affect the overall community.

Additionally, In addition, you’ll never have to worry about missing even the most intimate of moments. Keep your community engaged by remembering birthdays, work anniversaries, and even special dates in your school’s history.


Student Status

The internet is an amazing innovation to aid students in their growth through their time in your school. However, it is also full of distractions. Left unchecked, it can keep students from focusing on fulfilling their requirements.

With Salesforce, students can be reminded of important deadlines, submissions, and presentations that they need to be aware of. In addition, schools can also track student performance and accurately predict the number of expected graduates.

Schools can also track the necessary headcount for each class. These can aid in hiring processes to match the incoming needs of the students.


Making the Most Out of Salesforce Connected Schools

While a great CRM tool is important, clean data is necessary to make the most of it. With new students and teachers coming in, it’s hard to keep track of everyone who needs to hear what you have to say at the right time.

With Hey DAN’s Voice to SalesForce solution, your school is less likely to struggle with keeping your data accurate. Through a combination of machine learning and human specialists, Hey DAN keeps your Salesforce CRM up-to-date and usable to ensure optimal communication.