How did Einstein Voice Lead Scoring work?

Before shutting down Einstein Voice, the CRM-integrated Salesforce app used machine learning to enable businesses to find the best customers for their products and services.

By using artificial intelligence and data science, Einstein found patterns in the lead conversion history. With this, Einstein Voice provided a faster, more efficient solution to getting the best-matched customers to business everywhere.

So, how did it work?

The Einstein Lead Scoring Model

With a wealth of information from your previous CRM logs, Einstein analyzes the qualities and attributes of your previously converted leads. From there, Einstein Voice identifies patterns and creates a recommendation system for similar profiles. Einstein Voice generated the best lead scores for the customers that were most likely to convert.

However, this doesn’t mean that Einstein Voice wasn’t flexible. When building the scoring mode, Salesforce admins can omit unnecessary fields that are no longer relevant. It was an evolving model that would change every ten days, or as often as your administration deems necessary. As your ideal customer changes with time, so does the lead scores surrounding them.

Additionally, when your company did not have enough data, Einstein Voice automatically used data from its global system. In time, the model will change to a single-customer model once your populated CRM has enough information about your customers.

How did Einstein Lead Scoring work?

When calculating its score, Einstein looks at the significant lead values from both the positive and negative aspects. A lead score is a combination of these attributed fields.

Lead scores may not appear when you have just recently made changes to your lead scoring settings, a lead is unqualified, or if you excluded them on purpose. A lead score can take 24 hours before being fully available.

Additionally, scores on the lead may stay the same if there were no status changes in six months, or the successful conversion of into a paying customer.

Who could have benefited from Einstein Voice?

What is Replacing Einstein Voice?

Now that Einstein Voice has shut down its services, you may be wondering how you can benefit from something like it. If you’re looking for an automated, machine learning-enabled voice technology that works with your CRM system of choice, Hey DAN may be the right partner for your business.

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