4 Tips for More Complete Meeting Data

For salespeople, meetings practically part of the job description. Whether it is meeting with their sales teams, bosses, or clients, salespeople need to be in multiple meetups throughout the day.

Unfortunately, salespeople do not just have to prepare for and attend these meetings; they also have to make sure that the meeting well-documented. Whether it is in the form of meetings notes or minutes, salespeople need to quickly recap who was there, what happened, and identify the next action steps.

With salespeople who are already overwhelmed with a mountain of other essential work, administrative tasks like these prevent them from doing their job well. A day in the life of a salesperson is primarily composed of work that ranges from traveling, expense reporting, data entry, client profiling, and more. It is no wonder that some of the most time-consuming aspects of being a salesperson have nothing to do with sales at all.

If you are a sales professional struggling to find a way to keep track of your meetings, here are some tips that you can follow to ease up the work:

Don’t wait too long.

When you are a busy person, you tend to put off work that you feel is not that important. However, delayed input of meeting notes can set you up for even more work in the future. When you wait too long before consolidating your meeting data, you will tend to miss out on important information, put wrong data, or even forget who attended the meeting.

Create a shorthand system for note-taking.

During a meeting with a potential client, your attention should always be primarily on your client. Just a few distracted seconds can mean all the difference between being able to create that perfect offer and closing a sale. To avoid spending too much time jotting instead of listening, design a shorthand form of writing system with the use of symbols and abbreviations.

Go digital.

While paper notebooks are still useful, they can also get lost, torn, or damaged. By going digital, you can quickly type, revise, and send meeting documentation while on the go. Useful for consolidating supporting documents like trip information, signed contracts, and even receipts for reimbursement, going digital helps remove a lot of possible barriers.

Hire professional help.

It’s great to think that you can handle all the note-taking yourself. However, with everything else on your plate, you don’t necessarily have to do it alone. By hiring crm specialists for data entry like Hey DAN, you can get a lot of the nitty-gritty admin work out of your hair, so you can do what you best – sell.

Hey DAN boasts a wide array of tools that not only help you with creating meeting data but also helps you push this data into the relevant workstreams. Whether it’s forwarding your client’s data towards your company’s CRM system, your meeting minutes to your team, or your expenses to the finance department, you will never miss any important information ever again.