The Efficiency/Profitability Equation

With the world turned over its head by the current health crisis, adapting to a “new normal” has become mandatory for people and businesses alike. Our everyday routines may have changed a lot, but keeping your business profitable with an efficiently run CRM has not.

Businesses have taken such a big hit from the current global situation that some of them are in danger of having to close shop. But don’t fret, even during these times, having sound business fundamentals can still have a positive effect and one of the best attributes to have in any given situation is efficiency. Aside from thinking up new ways to adapt to the times and having a positive outlook, configuring your CRM systems for maximum efficiency can be a great way to keep your business profitable. The crisis is real, yet, keeping your business profitable is still very possible.

CRM systems do more than just keep records of your clients. Here are some ways your CRM can help with your business efficiency:

  • Email, calls and other relevant customer engagement activities are tracked and can be configured to be routed to specific departments so that it can be quickly addressed.
  • Admin and business processes such as accounting, expense reporting are handled by your system, easily creating pipelines and reducing “double tasks”.
  • Get access to your database in real-time and make adjustments on the fly,  making timely “at-the-moment” reactions. Fine-tuning your next move enables you to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves or may even help you avert a crisis.
  • Stay uniform across your email proposals and responses. Employees can access templates for letters, forms and contracts and not waste time trying to compose letters for each new client.

With so much information to be tracked and encoded, mistakes are a dime-a-dozen. The solution is to eliminate the risk generated by manual data entries. Why not give your CRM a needed boost? Let Hey DAN put the “turbo” into your business charge. As an early adopter of voice technology, Hey DAN was developed with a unique combination of machine learning AI and voice technology, forming a robust and efficient Voice-to-CRM solution that seamlessly integrates with your current system. This makes note-taking a thing of the past. With Hey DAN, you only have to dictate all the relevant data into your smartphone or internet enabled device and let the technology do the rest. With virtually error-free data input, you can rest easy about committing errors in data entry and boost your company efficiency.

Efficiency in business equates to profitability. Time equals money and efficiency means getting more focused on relevant tasks. Lesser expenses, more work accomplished vs. time spent, better communication between customer and agent – these are just some of the advantages and benefits of having an efficient business process. Having the right system in place keeps you one step ahead; an upgraded system gives you two.

Give your business that well-deserved efficiency boost today. Learn more about Voice-to-CRM, request for a demo today!

Crushing Sales Goals with Voice to CRM

As a sales leader in a large business, every bit of advantage can make that small jump in percentage in sales which is already a huge benchmark in achieving your goals for the month or the quarter at hand.

You want to give your sales agents that edge in maximising their time on closing deals than doing data entry into their CRM.

CRM Adoption has been a big issue for large companies where people just don’t have the time to adapt to a new platform better yet keying the minutes of every meeting into a CRM that well, so you might say not that user friendly most of the time.

This is why Voice to CRM companies are becoming a necessity so that it enables top sellers continue what they do best – SELL. All they have to do is record their meetings and a combination of AI and human intelligence would be able to process the data entry into ANY CRM.

The most popular CRMs are not usually the easiest to use, but with the most functionalities and its easy to get lost within and waste time by spending too much on processing your meeting notes then just fail at saving it correctly into the company CRM.

1 hour a day saved in theory is 5-7 hours a week, and 20 hours a month. Those 20 hours can be very much well spent with your agent’s specialty may it be conditioning clients or closing sales.

These hours can surely make a whole big of difference cumulatively in a quarter better yet in a year’s time.

The best part is, as a manager, you work with the CRM all the time and now, DATA is promptly and accurately entered by your team members which makes it also an improvement in the overall sales performance of the company.

Maximizing Time – Improving Sales

People to people meetings, and coordination and most of all, SELLING – clearly eats up a lot of energy.

As the saying goes, you should always be 150% mentally and physically present when you meet with clients.

A simple hi – hello can really mean much to your target market and it is very important to be there in the moment when it actually happens. Conditioning the sale is an art in itself, you can’t be too slow, and you can’t surely rush it. Clients are sensitive and they feel every bit of intent in your body language if you look at them as just numbers you want to close. Most prospects do not like that.

So being there 150% in every meeting takes a toll in someone physically and most of all mentally. Most of the time you’d feel exhausted after a whole day of meeting/s – yeah there are clients that take a whole day to meet while they feel you out and see if they can establish trust and build a relationship.

What do you think you would be able to put in your CRM at the end of the day? Probably you’ll wait till tomorrow and just entering your data and trying to remember what happened in the meeting and be able to assess when the next follow up would be, or do you close the sale in the next meet. Most likely the data you would be able to put in will just be 80% complete if you really are good and lucky to remember everything.

Why not just record the meeting, or better yet do voice recordings (memos) for you to be able to get the most important parts of the meeting and have someone else enter it to your CRM? Listening to it on your own and putting in the details into your system will still eat up an hour or more perhaps. Personal Assistant – probably not cost-effective if this is the only thing they do for you.

This is where data entry service companies are available for you to tap into. More so there are companies that are just focused on CRM Data Entry. They understand the policies and complexities different CRMs have.

With such service providers, you are assured that

  • Security and Privacy – CHECKED!
  • Data Entry – ACCURATE.
  • Turnaround time – FAST!

Wake up and review your data the next day and plan the next course of action in closing the sale. You save time, and your energies are always refreshed making you a more effective Sales agent.

Hey DAN in Action

It’s 4 AM. An electronic alarm goes off. Stan gets out of bed, puts on a pot of coffee and takes a quick shower. He scans his CRM system for the day’s itinerary, and it’s packed; it will take him across town through 5 different hospitals to meet with over a dozen doctors; one over lunch and another over coffee. He is also reminded to go over the details for the new product he is presenting to a new group – a chance to make a good first impression. A very important meeting is noted – one of the doctors in the itinerary is performing surgery – it’s all good because Stan can wait a bit, the schedule has been lined up so that there is ample time between meetings, dodged a bullet there. There is also a reminder to send over lunch to another group across town – just so he can take the meeting late in the afternoon before he retires for the day. Stan doesn’t have to worry about rushing back to the office to record his client meeting notes on the office computer though, he’s got a voice-to-CRM system that handles all of that for him – in real time.

A sales job is tough, pharma sales – tougher. It makes you wonder how a they cope with the constant pressure of mounting tasks on top of their sales quota. The selling part is hard, but before you can get to that part, there is the matter of setting up an initial meeting and making the follow-ups thereafter. Before the advent of mobile and voice technology, all of the client notes were recorded on a spreadsheet somewhere in office desktop computer. After a tough day running around town and catching up with clients, the rep had to return to the office and collate all of the notes written down on paper or a table napkin. Sometimes there are no notes at all, and everything has to be recalled from memory! Thankfully, our guy Stan gets a boost from Hey DAN, an advanced Voice to CRM solution that implements a unique combination of voice technology, AI and human intelligence. This makes the system fast and efficient, plus, it adapts to whatever CRM system your reps currently use. With Hey DAN, the sales representative can dictate all the information into his mobile device after each meeting – when everything is still fresh in his memory. Hey DAN then parses the information and enters the data into the CRM system with speed and accuracy. This way, the rep can easily plan his future itinerary around those small details incorporated into the system. Lunch meetings, sending over coffee or food before he drops by, the doctor’s schedule – all of this is vital for the sales rep. Pharmaceutical sales is a competitive arena and for the sales rep, anything that can give him an edge over other sales agents would be welcome.

It’s another day, and the alarm buzzes. Stan wakes up and has a smile on his face knowing that the day’s itinerary is going to be smooth – thanks to Hey DAN.

The Pharmaceutical Industry and CRM

The Pharma Industry

Medicine is big business. From $390 billion in 2001, the pharma industry has seen tremendous growth and was valued at $1.2 Trillion in 2018. By 2023, global spending on medicine is projected to reach $1.52 Trillion. The pharmaceutical revenue for North America in 2018 was pegged at 48.9%, while China has seen the highest growth rates in recent years.

The pharma industry is also responsible for the research and development of new and better medicine. The task for marketing these products also falls under their responsibility and this is where the sales team steps in.

The CRM Industry

Would it be a surprise to know that CRM is now the biggest software market in the world? Don’t be, because it is. It is projected to reach $80 Billion in revenues by 2025. This can be attributed to new trends emerging and merging with the CRM space that includes social media, mobile apps and voice technology and AI. 2019 saw increased mobile CRM use which was due to the fact that a lot of companies were adopting cloud based CRM solutions, which allowed their sales reps to access the system from anywhere with a plethora of devices. Sales and marketing departments benefit the most out of CRM software – and ironically, customer relations come only third on the list of departments that use CRM.

When worlds collide

The pharma industry is a gigantic place to navigate – sales or otherwise, and without the necessary tools, tracking your customers and products could prove more than a handful. With a trillion-dollar industry at your doorstep, wouldn’t it be natural to have every bit of an advantage right at your disposal? Taking a slice out of the pharma pie will be daunting, but don’t fret; recent advancements in CRM software technology provides the perfect solution for this gargantuan task. Voice technology cuts down the time your team spends on administrative tasks, like data entry and gives them more time to track down and close a sale. Arm your team with an efficient and reliable voice-to-CRM services. Hey DAN is an advanced voice-to-CRM solution with a unique combination of technology and intelligence that is both fast and efficient. The sales rep just needs to speak into their devices and let Hey DAN do the rest.

Voice-to-CRM and the Pharma Sales Pipeline

Keeping your pipeline busy

With so much sales to be closed in the pharma industry, your pipeline should always be growing – voice-to-CRM ensures just that. Quickly access customer data and know exactly when a sale is closed – and reload your pipeline instantly.

CRM systems ultimately aim to improve sales performance by streamlining its processes.

The art of the follow-up

Easily recognize which client needs a follow-up and create schedules that work. Voice-to-CRM gives you better leverage of your time plus getting  up front information already in your CRM by the time you are ready to work on it.

This gives you more time to do what you do best, nurture those leads and close.

Pharmaceutical clients should be handled with precision thus understanding their schedules and interacting at the right moment increases the chance of making the sale.

Laser focus

One benefit of having an intelligent voice-to-CRM system is the amount of time you save – which can then be repurposed for sales activities. Reps will have more time to focus on selling by freeing them from data input duties. All the freed up time can be used creatively to get a bigger slice of that pharma pie.

You will not believe how diverse accounts would be and each will have its own strategy to close. Getting all your points in line fast and efficient will give you that edge in closing that sale from your competition.

The sheer size of the pharma industry cannot be taken lightly. Taking advantage of the latest trends in CRM technology will at least give you a chance to keep abreast with your competitors. Get with the times and take advantage of what technology and services available to you to be able to perform better in the highly competitive pharma industry.

Get your Speak On: How Voice Technology affects the future of CRM

In 1984, the first Macintosh was introduced, and one of the most applauded parts of that product unveiling was when Steve Jobs made the Mac literally “speak” for itself. Ever since, it has become the stuff of Internet legend. More than 30 years have passed and voice technology has advanced by leaps and bounds – doing much more that just say, “Hello. I’m a Macintosh”.

Voice technology is everywhere. People speak to their phones or computers more and more these days, asking directions for the nearest Mexican restaurant or dictating a to-do list to their virtual assistant. The fact is, voice interaction with smart devices has become more ubiquitous and there seems to be no slowing it down. This stems from our desire for convenience – where everything is within arms reach or in this case – a voice command away.

According to research firm Ovum, voice assistants like Siri and Cortana will outnumber the entire human population by 2021. Don’t worry; it’s not a SkyNet situation. It only means that people are getting more comfortable with the technology and are rapidly adopting it in their everyday lives. Businesses are also incorporating voice technology into their workflows, especially in the CRM space, where 83% of customers are willing to share information, given that businesses are transparent with how their data is being used and if it results in a better customer experience.

Advancement in voice technology and artificial intelligence, has greatly improved the user experience in the CRM software space. Where before, the task of populating a database was purely a manual chore, a faster and more accurate process that involves these core technologies has now replaced it. This produces a database with lesser errors for more accurate data analysis.

Enter Hey DAN, a Voice-to-CRM solution that incorporates a unique combination of voice and AI technologies that greatly increase the efficiency of CRM data entry. With this solution, the agent only needs to speak the information into their mobile device, after which, voice technology and AI take over. All relevant CRM fields are automatically filled up with accuracy. This means no more manual entry that take up valuable time, and best of all, it adapts to whatever CRM system your company currently uses.

From its humble beginnings at Bell Labs, to that legendary Apple unveiling, voice technology has definitely come a long way, but it’s not done yet. Future plans include incorporating emotions to AI voice replies and voice recognition that also picks up the nuances and tone of voice being used by the speaker. Someday, voice technology may be enabled to carry out complex conversations and take on roles such as coaching and counseling – a far cry from “Hello. I’m a Macintosh”.

The Value of Proper CRM Data Entry

Whether you are in the business of selling a product or offering a service, customer relations play a vital part to its success or failure. Installing a CRM system can do a lot for your business. It can generate organized data sets for analysis and customer insights, provide easy access to client contact information and automate processes related to sales, marketing and customer support – with one caveat. It needs to be filled with reliable data.

The state of data collection

Modern technology coupled with the Internet has given rise to new communication channels, resulting in an exponential increase to the amount of information that your sales team has to track. This means more data to encode and additional time spent on administrative tasks. On the average, a sales agent consumes 4 hours a week just to input his information into the system.

Free them from this tedious task – they’ll thank you for it. Implement a CRM data entry service – not only does this give them more time to sell, but it also makes for happier agents. But don’t just settle for any data entry service, practice due diligence and choose a provider that is fast, accurate and knows the workings of a CRM system.

Knowing is half the battle

It is worth noting that CRM data entry is different from normal data entry, in that it curtails a significant amount of analysis before the actual input occurs. Containing numerous data fields, these systems need precise data input for optimal operation. This is where a thorough understanding of CRM systems comes into play. Speed and accuracy is nice to have, but it takes a significant hit when it lacks familiarity with a certain system. The quality of data suffers and you may not get the desired results or any meaningful insight about your clients. In the end, managers and agents blame the system, when in reality, the fault lies with inferior data entry. As managers, practice due diligence in choosing the right data entry service to implement. This will save you a great deal in time and money down the line.

Realize. Specialize.

Hey DAN is a Voice to CRM service that utilizes a unique combination of intelligence and technology to achieve efficient and accurate data captures. It understands the inner workings of multiple systems – it not only inputs information with speed and accuracy, it also does this meaningfully – allowing for rich, accurate data sets and makes significant customer insights possible.

Final thoughts

A CRM system is not a magic bullet – it doesn’t guarantee an increase in sales performance. To get the most out of these systems, you need to constantly nurture it with applicable information. Incorporating a specialized CRM data entry service ensures fast, accurate and relevant data captures that greatly adds to the value of your data warehouse and client servicing.

Increasing Sales Performance with Voice to CRM

Efficiency and accuracy – two qualities that any manager would want for their sales team and also from their CRM system. With Voice to CRM, you can increase the efficiency of your sales team while virtually eliminating mistakes during the data entry phase. This translates to more opportunities and better client relations which in turn increases sales performance.

Voice to CRM boosts your sales rep’s productivity by removing the tedious administrative task of typing in customer details. By cutting this out, you could gain anywhere from 2 to 6 hours a week. Multiply that by your number of agents, and you’ve just created an abundance of valuable time. This can be repurposed to generate more opportunities, do more sales activities or close more clients. It’s pretty basic. After each meeting, they need only to speak the specifics into their devices and it’s off to the next. The data will then be parsed and will meaningfully populate their CRM system. No drop-downs, no buttons, no frills. Just pure simplicity.

Without a Voice to CRM system, sales reps would either scribble down notes, or worse, try to remember all the important details from each meeting they took that day, which often times number in the dozens. Handling valuable information in this manner will most certainly produce costly mistakes down the line, especially during the data entry phase. Imagine having to manually enter all the data that you committed to memory or extracting important details from your hastily scribbled notes at the end of each day. How about having to collate all this information and performing the bland administrative task of inputting them after each week – that’s a lot of time and effort to put in for something that can be rendered non-existent by Voice to CRM. What’s more, this also leaves them wide open to commit critical errors that can badly hurt the relationships they painstakingly built with their clients. Voice to CRM fixes all of that. When your sales reps use Voice to CRM, they effectively save all pertinent data in real-time. This virtually eliminates those instances that they may forget some useful nugget or make a clerical mistake from trying to remember all the information they collected from the numerous clients they interact with each day.

The best kind of data are the correct ones and Voice to CRM ensures that valuable client info is fed to your system with utmost precision. By utilizing a unique combination of technology and intelligence, Voice to CRM produces spot-on data captures. And the best part is that it only takes 30 seconds on the average to dictate the information, then all the work is done in the background – quickly and accurately.

With its simplicity and ease-of-use, Voice to CRM will prove to be a boon to your business. By spending lesser time on data entry and having a clean, accurate database, your agents gain more time to dedicate on sales and not worry about pulling the wrong information on a client. This creates a happier sales team which leads to a natural increase in sales performance.

Better data – Better insights to closing a sale

Ten years ago, BBM (Blackberry Messenger) was the weapon of choice, MySpace was (sort of) what Facebook is today and binge-watching TV shows could only exist in your dreams unless you planned ahead and recorded your shows on the daily. Today, BBM is all but gone, MySpace is a shell of its former self and on-demand video content has become the norm rather than the exception. Interesting how there have been so many advances in critical and non-critical areas of life, but for your sales team, taking down meeting notes is still a drudgery to perform, yet remains an integral part of the sales process.

Meeting notes are the vital details exchanged and gained during a client meeting. The information is used to gain customer insight, to plan for activities and improve sales performance. Today’s CRM systems are so sophisticated that the amount of detailed information they contain is mind blowing. To populate this, sales agents would have to take down client notes after each meeting and then manually input the information into their CRM systems.

There are times that sales reps are so busy that they skip note taking altogether and commit the details to memory. With the sheer volume of meetings they attend per day, keeping track of all the nitty gritty becomes a daunting task. Enter Hey DAN – a Voice to CRM service that does just that. No more jotting down on paper or risky mental notes. All it takes is 30 seconds, and it’s done. Accurate CRM entries are achieved with a unique combination of intelligence and technology. Sales reps just need to dictate the information into their mobile devices after each meeting – when it is still fresh in their memory, and Hey DAN does the rest. CRM entries are meaningfully and precisely populated so you don’t have to worry about pulling up incorrect information.

Now that your data is well organized and your CRM is set up, planning the next steps is a breeze. Easily find contact information, like social media accounts and store addresses. Track interactions with potential customers and convert them into leads for prospective sales. Access client email addresses to send proposals, quotations, or promotional materials. Most importantly, with a complete database, you can now get routine (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) summary reports like sales figures, sales performance and the like. You can also generate a forecast or make a detailed analysis based on the saved data.

In today’s world, information is paramount. Having the correct data at your fingertips may spell the difference between closing a sale or losing a customer. Take full advantage of the information from your CRM system. Experience what Voice to CRM can do for your business today.

SAP CRM, an early Adoptor

One of the key tasks of any business is managing their customer relationships. This runs the gamut from initial interactions and lead generation all the way to closing a sale. One of the key ways that businesses have been doing this is via customer relationship management (CRM) tools like SAP CRM. With so many options to choose from, we take an in depth look at what this CRM has to offer from its setup all the way to key integrations like voice to SAP CRM to determine whether it’s worthwhile getting.

A Brief History

SAP’s foray into CRMs goes all the way back to the very early 1990s where they looked at CRM related functionality as potential modules for their enterprise resource planning platform. This trend followed all the way into the 2000s when they finally offered its first stand-alone product. It was only in 2011 that SAP actively aimed to take on market leader Salesforce by shifting more towards cloud based applications. That’s not to say that its on premises options aren’t viable—in fact there remains thousands of companies who rely on the software.

The Big Benefits

Being cloud based, it also allows for remote access that is increasingly becoming the norm in the business world today. Such feature also easily enables collaboration between field representatives, internal assistants, product managers and business leaders. With SAP CRM’s built-in forecasting tools, users are immediately provided with insights that are advantageous in driving sales and engaging existing customers. Personalization, from a  single user to a company perspective, is also easily achieved through its many customization features. It allows business to quickly adjust or  streamline processes which are aligned with their usage of the tool.

Travel and Expense Management

Process automation is easily achieved with Concur – a widely utilized system by many industries to monitor and manager travels and expenses of their field personnel. With such solution being SAP, synchronization with SAP CRM, as well as consistent maintenance of such fusion, is easily achieved.  It gives business big value for their investments.

Voice Integration

Voice to Concur / SAP CRM integration is another advantage of this platform . Traditional methods of inputting data have always been prone to human error. This is unacceptable when a single number or letter noted wrong can spell the difference between a viable contact and a hard bounce. Voice integration allows for effective and efficient capture at the point of contact in order to ensure that the right data is captured at the right time.



When it comes to voice capture software, accuracy is the single most critical consideration. With years of experience, expertise, and research at its disposal, Hey DAN guarantees that every interaction is not only captured accurately, it’s also categorized and catalogued properly. This ensures an ease by which you can access and utilize that information precisely when you need it.