Einstein Voice

Who could have benefited from the AI Solution

Salesforce’s Einstein Voice was a step into the future when it was conceived. It opted to use AI-enabled technology that was to be integrated with the Salesforce CRM. Einstein voice planned to use natural language processing (NLP) capabilities, predictive analytics, and machine learning. Using data gathered by user actions, it should create a more holistic view of your customer such as their life cycle value and buyer journey.

The Four Ways Einstein Voice would have helped Businesses

There are several ways that voice to CRM technology can help you do better business. Here are a few verticals that would have benefited from using Salesforce’s Einstein Voice:


Instead of selling a static page to every consumer, an advanced CRM system with an integrated voice to tech CRM technology can help build a more personalized experience. Helping solve issues like cart abandonment or bounce rates, a CRM system that tracks its users more effectively can help sell products to already interested customers.

With a strong understanding of your customers, companies can also do more of what will lead them to a conversion whether it be serving the right copy, nurturing them through the ideal channels, or stocking up the right items.

Marketing Teams

Being able to identify valuable customers faster can help businesses direct their resources more efficiently and effectively. By being able to track precisely the customer buying journey, they can forward customers to the right teams to engage them before transitioning to the next level of the funnel.

Voice to CRM technology can create better predictive analytics and recommendations. From knowing when to blast them with awareness ads to sending in customer service professionals to check in with them, there’s a lot to benefit for marketing teams.

Sales Teams

One of the top beneficiaries for voice to CRM enabled technologies are the sales professionals and team on the go. Sales professionals spend an estimated 2/3 of their day on tasks unrelated to sales.

From administrative duties to the necessary CRM upkeep and data management, voice to CRM technology helps sales teams save or eliminate tasks that aren’t essential to their core function.

Customer Service Professionals

No matter how good your products and services, one hundred percent customer satisfaction is never guaranteed. When customers are initially unsatisfied, it’s up to your service professionals to improve their view of your company.

A strong CRM system can create a case classification system that appropriately routes customers to the right teams will help resolve their concerns faster or even predict issues before they can be a cause of alarm.

Alternatives to Einstein Voice

Voice to CRM technology is changing the way we run businesses and engage with customers. If you want to harness the potential, there are ways to experience it even if SFDC’s Einstein Voice wasn’t able to make it to the market to date.

You can however integrate voice to SalesForce CRM or with any CRM system for that matter with professional companies that are experts in the industry. Hey DAN has been helping out businesses, increasing sales by achieving 90% CRM adoption using Voice to CRM solutions.