Knowing more about Salesforce CRM

If your relationship with your customers is a top priority—as it should be—then you definitely need to invest in a customer relationship management (CRM) platform.  It is essential for efficient aggregation of your customers’ information, effective management of  their needs, and automation of many related processes. Arguably, Salesforce has been top of the list for the past few years now. Is this the platform that’s best suited for your business? We take a look here at what makes it a good choice Success Story

Salesforce started in 1999 as business specializing in software as a service (SaaS). Composed of many former Oracle employees and software developers, the company is a leader in the field—its NYSE listing is even tagged as “CRM”. Through the years, the primary offering of the company grew from mainly sales automation to include a customer success platform, analytics software, and eventually cloud services. It has remained one of the leading providers of CRM services to companies globally.

The Core Basics

The biggest draw of Salesforce is that it is scalable to fit different sizes of businesses. That means that it is just as effective when it comes to small businesses all the way up to the largest enterprises. Anyone can benefit from their model that is customizable to a number of needs. Here are its unique advantages:

Efficient Data Management

Salesforce CRM allows you to not just input customer and lead information into its system, it also allows you to track different activities. This means that you can act on a particular set of customers whether they’re just interested all the way up to your most loyal purchasers. The data provided by Salesforce is comprehensive and includes their interests as expressed on their social media platforms all the way to their buying habits.

Social Integration

In a world where anyone who’s anyone is on social media, it’s a big advantage that Salesforce also has plug-ins that allow you to jump in on conversations or even speak directly to customers and potential customers. This is baked into the platform itself—reducing the number of tools that you need to have open therefore minimizing clutter. This connectedness moves it beyond just a resource of customer information.

Anywhere Accessibility

As one of the industry’s pioneers in adopting the cloud-based model, Salesforce allows you to access its platforms anywhere you may be. Such feature allows for ease of integration and installation to a wide range of  systems and devices. Accessibility is everything nowadays so the cloud-based model sets Salesforce above the pack.

Voice to SalesForce CRM Service Integration or SFDC’s accessibility attribute makes it more appealing to users as it can easily be integrated with voice technology.. This provides great convenience not only when pulling data but most essentially  when collecting customer information. Professionals whose main functions are to gather leads and interact with existing customers will have an effortless experience with a tool that is fully integrated with such technology . When it comes to technology for such purpose, Hey DAN is the most fitting as it is combined with human intelligence which ensures proper sorting of data that goes into your CRM like Salesforce. All these things come in a bundle that is fully customizable not just to your needs but your budget as well. Such customizability is one of the biggest draws of Salesforce benefiting a wide scale of businesses