Natural Language Processing

in Voice to CRM Technology

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

Natural Language Processing or NLP combines linguistics and artificial intelligence to process and analyze natural language. Through the interactions between bots and human language, NLP can understand the general sentiment and trigger an appropriate automated or designed response.

Some examples of common uses in NLP are speech and entity recognition, translation, spam detection, question answering, and predictive text such as autocomplete features.

With its many uses, it’s no wonder that it’s become an irreplaceable tool in populating and improving business processes. In particular, NLP is an essential function to voice to CRM technology such as Salesforce’s Einstein.

How did Salesforce plan to use NLP in Einstein?

Einstein Voice was planning to use Natural Language Processing (NLP) using both language and bots.

Einstein Voice was geared to be the Voice to CRM technology tool by Salesforce. It was setup to use a variety of features helps improve business processes by creating a comprehensive view of the customers, increasing productivity, and solidifies institutional data.

How Einstein Language would have Worked

Einstein Language intended to track language to discover user intent. Within bodies of text, Einstein Language uses its databases of languages to analyze customer interactions with your company across touchpoints.

With keyword tracking on your emails, messaging apps, and forms, Einstein Language would have been able to  determine how satisfied or unsatisfied people are with your products or services. Einstein Language could also find patterns that may be easily identified by human eyes. Additionally, it can also assign sentiment scores based on the positive or negative languages used by the customers.

With Einstein Language, SalesForce planned to let users adjust their replies depending on how happy or unhappy the language used by your customers. Despite being powered by artificial intelligence, the Einstein Language feature aimed to make it easier to address customers more emphatically.

Einstein Bots and CRM integration

With the introduction of multi-channel touchpoints, Einstein Bots would have been provisioned to locate and pull relevant customer information using artificial intelligence. Designed to improve customer experience, Einstein Bot would help customers feel remembered and listened to.

With the bots designed to integrate both your customer-facing channels and internal CRM system, Einstein Bots would have helped remember everything that your company knows about your customer. Starting with customer names and contact information bots can also pull relevant information about previous transactions, preferred shipping addresses, and so on.

With endless information at your fingertips, Einstein bot was really aimed to be a powerful tool in the hands sales teams and customer success agents.

An Alternative to Einstein Voice

While many companies want to experience the many advantages of NLP, Einstein Voice remain to be in the backburner or with some rumored to be abandoned.

As one door closes, windows start to open and the advantages of using machine learning-enabled voice to CRM technology is still yet to be experienced. Certain companies such as Hey DAN that have been combining human with artificial intelligence in their CRM Voice solutions could eventually be able to fill in the shoes as a competent Einstein Voice alternative.