Reduce Admin Burden

Four Types of Admin Burdens for Salespeople

In the 2020 State of Sales by Salesforce, 57% of the 2,900 interviewed sales professionals said that they were not expecting to meet their annual quota. With sales representatives spending an estimated 66% of their time on tasks not related to selling, it’s no wonder that they feel challenged to deliver.

Salespeople are held back by a variety of things. From manual data entry to generating the various proposals that need several rounds of approvals, cultivating profitable relationships only take up 1/3 of their time.

If you are wondering what these admin burdens are, here are the top X of them:

The Four Types of Admin Burdens for Salespeople

  1. Email Management

    Salespeople have a multitude of emails that they have to go through each day. From their own internal teams to the various client relationships that they are juggling simultaneously. Few salespeople have clean inboxes, updated customer profiles, and a clear pipeline for each client relationship.

  1. Activity Logs

    Many sales teams are always on the road, jumping from one meeting to another. However, companies still need to keep track of every partner to make sure that they’re not overspending resources while maintaining the relationship. From expense reporting to meeting note-taking, logging activities are a regular thorn on salespeople’s sides.

  1. Customer Info Tracking

    Despite being a necessary element to maintain a great sales funnel, manual data entry is a tiring pursuit that most salespeople would rather not have on their plates. As roles change and people leave companies, finding the right person to contact for every partner can almost feel like a full-time job.

  1. Creating follow-up tasks

    The goal of every client relationship is to be profitable and nurtured into a sale. A piece of updated customer information is nothing without following up at the right time. Leads that aren’t updated, or pushed to the next stage of the CRM funnel, become cold and no longer viable for sale.

A Better Sales Experience

It’s helpful to remove these various types of admin burdens to create a better sales experience for everyone. When salespeople don’t feel bogged down by these issues, they’re more likely to do better work.

If you’re looking to find a way to relieve your sales teams of these time-consuming admin issues, you don’t have to do it alone. Hey DAN’s Voice-to-CRM technology removes a lot of the admin burden in a variety of ways with ease of use and usability. Hey DAN combines human and artificial intelligence in processing voice data and has proven to increase data quality by 200-1000%.

With the use of a machine learning-enabled voice to technology software and intelligent human touch, Hey DAN tackles some of the biggest issues that salespeople face, aside from selling. With this, not only can you boost sales productivity, but also team engagement and morale. Because when there’s more time for sales, there’s a higher chance of meeting targets.