The Cost of Poor Internal Coordination

In 2016, David Grossman published “The Cost of Poor Communications,” a survey of 400 countries with over 100,000 employees. In the report, poor or inadequate internal communication costs companies an estimated 62 million dollars annually.

Monetary value is not enough to see the full effect of poor communication and coordination. When a company is not well-coordinated, it leads to employee and customer experience that is negative, which cannot be easily quantified. Whether it is in the form of a frustrated team or unhappy customers, there is a lot at stake.

Here are a few effects of miscommunication that you should be wary of:

Impossible Sales Targets

One of the most common issues that come with poor internal coordination is that companies aren’t able to set their targets properly. A lack of coordination creates decisions that do not have an accurate perspective of the overall business.

Bad Lead Funnel System

Leads are the lifeblood of sales. However, not all sales leads are equal. When your company’s internal coordination is off, your teams are prone to nurturing the wrong sets of customers. Whether it’s a client that can’t afford your services or a company that has already expressed that they don’t need your offers, you’re setting up your teams for disappointment.

Bad Resource Allocation

When employees do not have an easy way to provide feedback, they ca not readily ask for what they need to do their job well. A lack of resources leads to several issues, but the worst of them leads to arguments within your ranks.

Frustrated Sales Teams

Whether it’s calling the wrong number or realizing that they have already expressed that they don’t want your services, sales teams that have the wrong can’t do their jobs well. When targets are impossible, overall morale goes down.

Lack of Employee Loyalty

When employees do not know what they’re working towards, and why they’re doing their daily tasks, they end up not wanting to do anything at all. Employees need to know that they can trust the information you give them.


Solve Internal Coordination Issues with CRM Software

Poor internal communications open a variety of potential issues. Thankfully, various software companies have developed solutions to help manage communication better. CRM software is one of the best tools to do it.

With Customer Relationship Management software, you can make sure that client data becomes shared information within the relevant departments. Once a potential customer becomes a lead, salespersons can nurture the most profitable ones first.

From acquisition cost to customer lifecycle value, not only will the right people be given the incentives but also make customers feel valued.

Your Partner in Internal Coordination

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