How Did Machine Learning in Einstein Voice Work

How Did Machine Learning in Einstein Voice Work?

Einstein Voice utilized several different kinds of machine learning tools for their predictive analytics. Produced as a Voice to SalesForce CRM solution which was then abandoned by the company.

It would still be good to understand how Einstein Voice deployed machine learning in their platform as a reference of what could have been or what would be good to build as a complete solution in the crm voice industry.

The three types of machine learning tools by Einstein Voice are Einstein Discovery, Einstein Prediction Builder and Einstein Next Best Action. If you want to learn about how they’re similar and different, read below to know more:


machine learningEinstein Discovery

Known as discovery tool, Einstein Discovery derives customer insights from a combination of external and internal data points – your website, marketing campaigns, your internal team’s notes, and so on.

Designed to minimize the time required to make routine decisions, Einstein Discovery helps reveal information about the state of your business. Additionally, Einstein Discovery recommends the best course of action based on its programming.


Einstein Prediction Builder

As business become more forward-thinking, Einstein Prediction Builder helps you create predictions that are custom-designed to your needs. This can be used to analyze things like the likelihood of delayed payment, making a repeat purchase, the risk of churn, and so on.

Through selecting an object (custom or standard), what field to predict, information to be used, you can embed your prediction into a page easily.


Einstein Next Best Action

While predictions are great, they’re nothing with actionable points that can be used to push them forward. Einstein Next Best Action breaks down what needs to be done and directs it to the right members of your team.

Whether it’s reminding teams to follow up with a certain customer at risk of being stolen by a competitor,


What is Replacing Einstein Voice?

In 2020, Salesforce decided to cut the cord on Einstein Voice. Despite this, there’s still a lot of opportunity and need for voice to CRM technology.

Hey DAN, a company that has served sales professionals from firms with over $7.6 trillion in total market capitalization, has been developing a real alternative to Einstein Voice on SalesForce. As a premiere voice to CRM solution not only offers machine learning-enabled Voice to CRM technology, but also offers a human aspect that many alternatives don’t have.