Increasing Sales Productivity by Reducing Admin Burden

Salespeople are often a team of their own. The end goal of every salesperson is to make a sale. However, there are dozens of things that need to happen before that. They not only scout, meet, and nurture relationships with clients, they also do a lot of work in between.

From scouring potential clients, finding the key person to contact, and updating your CRM system, the primary role of selling is already a lot of responsibility. What more the other aspects of their job that are secondary to that?


The Consequences of Admin Burden

When sales teams feel overwhelmed, one of the first things that they put away for later is the tedious admin jobs. While this may seem like a good idea, it opens a host of issues for the company that will have to deal with them in the future.

Having delayed  CRM data entry can mean a loss of potential sales leads or leads growing cold from not being engaged sooner. Not integrating clients into company CRM systems can mean losing relationships once the salespeople decide to change roles or even resign from your company.

No matter how expensive your CRM software or how talented your data analysts, having inaccurate, incomplete, or fraudulent data can be a massive waste of resources. It can also lead to having misguided sales targets, which will eventually cause burnout, frustration, and tension between the sales and management teams.


Relieving Admin Burdens for Sales Productivity

Administrative tasks are some of the most time-consuming aspects of every salesperson’s daily workload. Many sales teams struggle to find the time to fulfill all the administrative aspects of their role, such as filing expenses, updating contact information.

As much as 2/3 of every sales team’s time is consumed by activities that are not essential to their core function. Not only does this limit the team’s ability to improve their sales funnel, but it also creates more work for everyone involved.

Reducing the admin burden is one of the best things that companies can do to ensure that their sales teams are happy and productive.


CRM Data Entry Services

While there are thousands of programs and companies claiming to make the lives of your salespeople easier, not all of them actually do. Complicated sales software with a slow adoption process only adds to the burden that sales teams have to carry. The right sales productivity partner should alleviate your team’s stress, not magnify it.

With their intuitive voice to CRM technology, Hey DAN helps your sales team improve their work with a small learning curve. No matter what the CRM system is (, SAP Concur, Microsoft Dynamics 365, or HubSpot), instead of learning a whole new software, sales teams only need to know a number and have their needs supported with just a phone call.

Hey DAN combines machine learning algorithms, advanced voice technology, and highly trained human agents to give you a seamless sales experience. Your team will never have to worry about losing their meeting notes and having the wrong contact information ever again.