Automatic Speech Recognition in Einstein Voice

Einstein Voice combined the power of artificial intelligence through voice technology and CRM. Using only voice commands, Einstein Voice users were able to take advantage of the several cloud-based resources and the Salesforce CRM system. From being reminded automatically of meetings, alerts to the status of business objectives, there are several ways you could have utilized Einstein Voice.

In combination with Alexa, Siri, and even Google, Einstein Voice spoke directly to mobile apps or through smart speakers such as Echo and Google Home. Einstein Voice goes beyond just passively dictating important information. It could also suggest the next steps and even execute tasks. Einstein Voice really set the bar high until decided to abandon the project altogether but understanding it worked is a great focal point on how voice integrates with CRM with AI capabilities. Let’s look at the different aspects of its implementation:

How does automatic speech recognition work?

Before we can understand how Automatic Speech works in Einstein Voice, it is necessary to understand what Automatic Speech Recognition (or ASR) is.

ASR is a type of technology that allows humans to speak to computer interfaces conversationally. Mimicking human conversation, advanced ASR enables users to talk to virtual assistants and execute commands through them.

For ASR to work, it has to pass through a channel that can process human voices through a microphone and feed it into the right places for processing.

The Einstein Voice Assistant

Einstein Voice worked by transcribing the audio from users through their devices and runs them through natural language models, converting the spoken word into a machine-readable format. Afterward, Einstein could classify it into the necessary categories and forward it towards the right data centers.

Einstein would search the Salesforce system to extract and normalize inputs. Next, Einstein Voice would either tell you what you want to hear or show the fields that you want to see through your mobile device screen.

Lastly, Einstein Voice did not just pull information from the CRM system. Einstein also analyzed the information that was requested and would ask users if they wanted to schedule more tasks or set reminders.

Einstein Voice promptly logged all concerns in detail. With this, repeat requests were more efficient every single time. Einstein Voice also ensured that logged events were up-to-date and contained all the necessary information or next steps.

Einstein Voice Replacement

With these, Einstein Voice was just scratching the surface of what voice to CRM technology could do before they quietly shut down services in 2020.

Despite this, many users are still looking for ways to take advantage of machine learning and the power of voice recognition technology for their CRM systems.

For users still searching for an Einstein Alternative, Hey DAN does all this and more. Hey DAN not only uses ASR to process your voice commands, but it also uses trained human specialists to verify information that technology is not capable of doing yet.

With Hey DAN, you can get all the benefits of an ASR integrated into any CRM software of your choosing. You don’t have to worry about migrating your data or teaching your team how to use new software. Hey DAN comes up with solutions that will enable your sales force and be the Einstein Voice Replacement to further improve your sales.