Why Your Company Needs Voice to CRM Technology Today

Adoption for new and innovative technology always takes time. When it’s primary users have their hands full with endless task lists, it’s no wonder why it takes teams a long time to adapt.

For fear of hampering existing productivity, many decision-makers like veteran sales leaders refuse to change what they have always done. No one has time to make space in their busy schedule to train teams from the ground up.

Despite this, there are endless benefits that come with using intelligent voice technology. After getting over the initial learning curve, companies that invest in transitioning their teams benefit exponentially.

Here are a few reasons why your company needs Voice to CRM technology today:

Organized Data

An effective voice to crm program keeps track of all logs of every concern or request that you make. You will never have to worry about losing client information on the go ever again. Integrated with your CRM software, voice technology keeps data more accurate, up-to-date, and relevant.

Higher Productivity

Voice to CRM technology helps eliminate hours spent manually typing sales data. An estimate of 2/3 of all sales professionals spends their time doing work unrelated to their core functions. Many salespeople struggle with many types of administrative work. Sometimes, these include expense filing, meeting information, and scheduling. With the freedom to dictate meeting notes, details, and tasks, Einstein Voice opens up more time for salespeople to find more clients and close sales.

Increased Happiness

Overall, employees who feel like their time is valued are happier. With better ways to spend their time, they can find more moments to breathe and relax in between meetings. While the initial months of implementation might be challenging, making sure it goes smoothly would guarantee happiness for years.


Voice to CRM Technology is your Einstein Voice Replacement

Investing in voice to CRM technology should be a priority for companies who rely on their people always on the go. Gone are the days that your teams need to go back to the office to file reports, send updates, and automate activities.

While Salesforce has closed the doors on Einstein Voice, you do have other voice to SalesForce CRM options that provide the same, if not more.

Using just your voice, Hey DAN can take your CRM system to the next level. Using machine learning and human empathy, Hey DAN helps you populate, maintain, and improve any CRM system of your choosing.

Hey DAN is coming up with a real Einstein Voice replacement that should be available in the SalesForce marketplace this year.