Customer Service and Support with Einstein Voice

All businesses will need the help of customer support to keep customers happy. No matter how well-designed your product or service is, many customers may encounter personalized issues that may affect their experience. To help predict, manage, and avoid aggravating irate customers, Salesforce developed Einstein Voice.

Einstein Voice helps make the Salesforce CRM artificial intelligence software smarter. With Einstein Voice, companies can do a variety of support functions that can help customer service professionals do their job better.

Using machine learning, Einstein Voice helped make the Salesforce CRM smarter and more effective. Through analyzing large amounts of data in an instant, Einstein helped customer service teams make decisions better and faster.

Here are a few ways that Einstein Voice helped companies make better customer service decisions:

einstein abstractSmart Discovery and Data Preparation

Smart discovery and data preparation features helped teams get insights on possible issues that could have arisen. With this, possible surges in customer concerns after events such as system updates could have been better prepared for and managed beforehand.

Case Escalation Capabilities

With a refined feedback loop, customer service teams could update the status of customer cases live. When concerns would get out of hand or become urgent, Einstein helped by prioritizing customers who needed the most help.

Knowledge Management

By keeping track of recurring concerns from particular types of customers, teams could refine better resolutions using historical data. Einstein Voice helped build a repository of related questions, concerns, and answers that were easily accessible.

Support Content Creation

Through voice technology, customer service representatives could have helped direct customers to the right resources such as articles or blogs that could resolve their concerns. With this, companies could effectively reduce the time it takes to resolve issues through the recommendation of various self-service options.


Professional CRM Data Entry Backed by Artificial Intelligence

Unfortunately, Salesforce pulled the plug on Einstein Voice this 2020. With this, it leaves a lot of companies rattled by all the tasks that they need to keep customers happy. Thankfully, other Einstein Voice alternatives can still help them do their job.

These days, customers are becoming more and more particular about the level of quality they expect from customer service professionals. While many innovations such as chatbots and automated responses have helped ease the burden, many companies still prefer the help of a real person to resolve their concerns.

With Hey DAN, customer service professionals can pull from the artificial intelligence-enabled technology and give you all the benefits of Einstein Voice and more. Additionally, if you want to offload some of your team’s workload to professional crm experts, Hey DAN can do that for you too. Hey DAN combines machine learning and trained staff to help augment your company customer service needs using any CRM system of your choosing through Voice to CRM data entry services.

When faced with a stressful situation, nothing beats the empathy and understanding of another person. Let Hey DAN be your partner in keeping your customers happy.