CRM: Going beyond sales

Staying on top is more difficult than getting there in the first place. The saying rings true for companies experiencing growth; because when you look beyond the sales and performance numbers, companies still have to content with a plethora of challenges to keep the machine running – financial decisions, logistics, technical issues, human resource – the list goes on. But for now, let’s focus on two issues: new acquisitions and employee turnover. Both are basically human resource issues so having a competent HR department would be the obvious go to answer for this, but what if I tell you that a well deployed CRM system could have a significant impact on employee turnover and new hires? Truth is, CRM systems are worth more to a company than being just a sales tool. Well-deployed systems can help ease-in new hires while also absorbing the hits taken by employees leaving the fold.

New Hires

As your company grows, so does your workforce. And as new hires go, the amount of time they can get up to speed and hit their stride is critical to keeping your business running on all cylinders. The faster they “get it”, the better for the company. It’s easy for a fresh hire to get confused and frustrated within a new working environment. There is just so much to absorb. Couple that with a brand new company culture to adjust to, and your new hire could be out the door in no time. Luckily, a well installed CRM system can help new hires adapt to their workplace.

  • Data
    Without a competent CRM system, vital information can be scattered everywhere – in a laptop, someone’s home desktop, an entry on a mobile phone or somewhere crazy like the bottom of a pizza box. CRMs do away with this by having all important data stored centrally, making access easy for new hires and grizzled veterans alike.
  • Speed
    With virtually all the pre-work on a client done, new hires are literally out the gate running. Vital information is readily available – so new reps spend less time tracking it down and have more time doing what they do best which is selling.


Employees leave companies; this is the reality, and it doesn’t matter whether the company is new or established, employee turnover will always remain a dicey situation. Because beyond the loss of a team member and contributor, there are also issues regarding client trust and rapport. When an employee leaves, he takes with him valuable client information. This would be a big issue if your company didn’t have a CRM system in place. CRM systems store data in a central location and it stays there, even when the rep that put it there leaves. Managers can easily delegate a new rep to quickly re-establish the trust with the client – minimizing the chances that they leave for another provider.

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CRM Adoption: Challenges and Workarounds

There are many issues that can bog down your CRM adoption program. Here are some of the most common problems and some suggestions to remedy the situation:


People are resistant to it; no one can escape it; and everybody will concur that it’s a good thing when deep inside they are terrified by it. Truth of the matter is; people are generally put-off by the idea of change. We get pretty disoriented outside our comfort zones. We tend to get so used to things the way they are not realizing that we’re missing out on a lot of good stuff.

Statistics show that 32% of sales people spend an hour a day typing away on their computers doing data entry tasks. Drive this point home. CRM systems can save them all that valuable time. Now isn’t that a change that they might be interested in?


Sometimes, we may be open to change but feel that it’s too much or too soon. CRM systems can be a frightening proposition for the uninitiated. These systems can be pretty intimidating for first time adopters whose organizational arsenal is a spreadsheet, some sticky-notes and the back of a napkin. Statistics show that 1 out of 5 reps don’t even know what a CRM is. Ween out those bad habits by demonstrating what the system can do for them.

Get them cozy with it by providing adequate training. Don’t overfeed them once and leave them to figure it out for themselves. Turn this into an ongoing process. Finally, don’t forget to make these sessions fun and interesting.

This system in not right for me

The usual complaint you hear from your sales people is that, the system is clunky, difficult, confusing or generally not worth the time to use. This can be a deal breaker because you WANT them to use it.

There are a ton of options out there, so be sure to configure a system that’s just right for your team. Make it easy to use. Don’t go crazy and put everything in it. It’s nice to have all the bells and whistles but not to the point that it becomes a distraction and hinders adoption to your system. Ask for their input on the features they’d want. This will save you valuable time and money.

If you feel apprehensive, why not test drive a free CRM solution? There are numerous options available and some of them are actually not half-bad. Hubspot trumpets its product as “The Free CRM with Something for Everyone”. It’s got features that are useful for a variety of roles; from managers, to sales reps and even business owners. And if the time comes that you feel the need for additional features, you can add modules and customize your system. It’s a great way to get your feet wet before you make that final leap.


CRM Adoption is a daunting task that needs significant investment in time, money and effort. Take a while to study the situation and familiarize yourself before jumping into a decision you may regret. A successful adoption almost guarantees a boost in sales performance, that alone makes all the trouble worthwhile.

Lead Generation Challenges and CRM Adoption

Lead generation is key to the success of businesses across different industries. This core task is not only essential in the field of sales but also in marketing where increase of influence and gaining insights from new markets are often top priorities. Interactions with prospects need to be systematically recorded for ease of predictive assessments. . Such goal can be achieved with the use of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system,for ease of access and entry of information Such system also enables businesses to automate analysis of customer data that get into it. However, it comes with a number of challenges. Let’s go over the more daunting ones and how to overcome them.

Building Up The Courage

Gathering information is tricky — more so if you need to gather it from complete strangers. The good news is these days, it can be accomplished by simply commissioning third-party lead generation services. Some even offer a 100% money-back guarantee or you only pay for every successful lead.. If you wish to do direct engagements, it helps to offer something of value as an exchange for information. Product samples work best. Also, make sure to clearly state how their information will be stored and utilized. Social networking sites are also useful in expanding your reach as you perform this task.   .

Finding Leads

One  option that’s proven to generate the most number of leads is participating in trade shows and conferences. The reason is people in such events are already interested in your industry and most likely hunting for the kind of product or service you offer. As you interact with participants, it helps to have a voice to CRM Solution handy in to quickly  collect data from them. Timely capture of your interactions is essential for complete entry of the details into your system. Another approach is set up booths and installations in malls or other areas with high foot traffic. As mentioned above, pair this up with giveaways or anything of value and you’ll find it a lot easier to draw people in.

Quick Data Entry

When performing lead generation in the field, you want to spend most if not all of your time interacting with people. The more face-to-face contacts you do, the more chances of discovering opportunities. You then have to utilize a credible  voice to CRM solution so you won’t have to worry about the data entry part of the job.It has to be one that captures recorded speech and automatically assigns details into proper fields in your CRM. You don’t want to worry about sorting the data for entry later on — the voice solution has to do it for you.. It  allows you to be more productive and efficient in performing your main function.

Voice to CRM technology has come a long way and is proving to be an invaluable tool for sales and lead generation teams. When looking for a speech recognition solutions, professionals want one that is combined with the power of human intelligence to deal with nuances of speech and differences in pacing. . Hey DAN has a proven track record of success in providing such convenience to their customers.Businesses from varied industries have benefited from their tested voice to CRM system offerings. Their subscription to Hey DAN enabled their success in generating leads.