Qualities of a great sales lead

5 Qualities Of A Great Sales Lead

Marketing teams do their part to make sure the world knows about your company’s offerings. Ideally, they gather leads from a sea of prospective customers from various lead-generating campaigns.

From digital ads to on the ground activations, the marketing department brings in leads for the sales teams to analyze and prioritize. Afterward, sales teams determine which sales lead to pursue.

Up-to-date, relevant data

No matter how great a lead, you can’t build a relationship with them if you can’t keep in touch with them. Some of the information that each prospective sales lead worth pursuing include names, contact details, demographics, and purchasing behavior. Without accurate data, a sales lead can turn cold in days if sales teams don’t follow up on time.

Expressed interest in your product or service

Customers who are interested or in need of your product will likely have a moment they’ll express interest in it. From clicking on an ad to signing up for your company’s mailing list, there are plenty of ways to identify people who have already seen the value of your offer.

Already did their research on your company’s offerings

Sales leads that are serious about the purchase will make sure that they know everything they need to know about your product or service. A good sales lead will search for themselves what your product is, what makes it different, and how to purchase it.

History of replying to your sales teams

Customers need time to decide on whether or not a product or service is the right fit for their needs. However, too much time might also signal a dwindling lack of interest. A way to test how serious they are with their purchase is if they actively reply to your salespeople who reach out to them.

Capacity & authority to pay for your services

It’s not enough to want to avail of a product or service. The customer you are engaging with must be able to make the final decision. Great sales leads have the financial capacity to pay and the authority to make the purchase. It’s great to be an aspirational product, but at the end of the day, businesses need paying customers.

Great sales leads don’t just happen. They’re a combination of marketing efforts, sales strategies, and an effective customer relationship management system. Staying ahead of the competition means making sure that your data is correct. It’s then followed by extensively profiling your leads and identifying which relationships are worth pursuing. Despite being the gold standard, great sales leads are not a guarantee for conversion into paying customers.

Building an effective CRM system is a daunting task for any company. It requires teamwork, consistency, and effort. Luckily, companies don’t need to go through the journey of nurturing your sales leads alone. Sales enablement platforms like Hey DAN can help you on sales performance management. From the data entry, profile updating to even consulting, and identifying new opportunities, Hey DAN can help you nurture your prospective leads into paying customers improving sales.