4 Methods To Manage Remote Sales Teams

With the world increasingly going online, it’s no secret that sales activities are now shifting to the digital world as well. Many companies no longer limit their sales teams to geographic boundaries, opening doors to a new breed of salespeople who work remotely.

As with all good things, remote workers also come with their own set of problems. When not managed well, remote teams can be messy, disorganized, and even disengaged. Thankfully, there is a range of methods that sales leaders can do to keep their teams happy and productive.

Expectation Management

All salespeople are familiar with targets. They’re the goals that keep either brings teams together or pulls them apart. Employees are often more engaged when they know what they’re exactly supposed to do and how to do it.

When it comes to incentives, sales managers should also make sure that their teams know the specific standard that they expect and what defines good performance. When expectations are clear, accountability becomes easy.

Create Trust & Transparency

Remote workers are a special breed of salespeople. They need to have a natural degree of independence to succeed with minimal supervision. Trust naturally builds when competent people work together in proximity. However, in remote settings, it takes a little more work.

Trust grows when employees feel part of the company’s mission and can be encouraged by creating a shared sense of ownership through including them in the strategic planning process and providing a safe space to share both failures and successes.

Establish Communication Channels

In remote settings, you can’t just drop by the next cubicle to talk about targets. Sales teams need a designated channel for communication for every level of engagement. Sales managers must also walk a fine line between providing guidance and micro-managing.

Remote teams that come from different countries also have to manage boundaries when I come to work hours, weekends, or public holidays. There should also be dedicated channels for feedback, collaboration, and casual interactions that can help build relationships within a team.

Give Salespeople the Right Tools

Teams also need the right tools to succeed. They need to arm themselves with knowledge on how to utilize company resources such as equipment or software that are necessary to fulfill their roles the best way possible.

Hey DAN helps resolve a myriad of issues that are typically encountered by salespeople. From making sure that they never miss out on meeting notes to help them file for their expenses, companies can outsource the time-consuming operational actions that are not essential to their role.

With Hey Dan, managing remote sales teams become a lot easier with a single call. Through voice-to-CRM technology, you can be sure that your sales teams are taken care of at every stage – from meeting prospective clients to closing a deal.

When these things are out of the way, you can focus on things that technology can’t do – mentoring salespeople to their full potential, managing relationships, and closing sales.