A quick look at Oracle CRM

In a world where AI and predictive analytics  is becoming key to every business’ success, quality and timely data entry is essential. Sales people’s capacity to convert leads into paying  customers relies heavily on their usage of accumulated and properly sorted data in relationship building It is then critical for businesses to invest in customer relationship management systems that can be easily integrated with voice recognition solutions for ease of storage, access and, the most taxing part for field sales representatives, data input. Oracle, one of the most trusted names in the IT industry, offers such and many other advantages through Oracle CRM. Let’s go over the detailst here.

Ease of Setup 

No one wants to go through an intricate process to start using any application. Furthermore, people get discouraged when operating a software requires purchasing of another one. The  plug-and-play design of Oracle CRM’s cheaper On-Demand package frees up users from such inconveniences as it only requires a web browser to access.  Their On-Premises option, while costly,  is suitable for larger enterprises that are more particular with data traffic control.  Monitoring and management of data that flow through it to businesses’ data centers is effortlessly achieved with the plug-in inclusions of the package. Both packages can be easily modified and synchronized with other systems such as SSO, expense tracking and speaker recognition solutions.

Voice Integration

One downside of Oracle CRM is its clunky UI. Having been around for a while, its design is a tad outdated and not as intuitive as the newer options in the market.  However, voice to Oracle CRM solutions enables business to easily overcome this challenge . A perfect example is Hey DAN which allows users in the field to simply speak customer data into it.. The API design of Oracle CRM enables quick integration with such CRM data entry service. The fusion makes it worlds easier for field personnel to efficiently capture customer data. It  allows them to focus on what they are primarily hired to perform which is to close sales deals.