Pushing CRM Adoption

When it comes to CRM adoption, long term compliance is possible only through intrinsic motivation. Providing incentives can encourage users to take the first steps, but promoting those aspects of CRM that create real value and satisfaction for the end user provides the natural motivation necessary to keep a user engaged with the technology. Rewards are a good start but they are not a long term solution. The only way to maintain user adoption is by getting the users to see the value of CRM so they want to use it.

Reward Systems

When implementing a reward system, be sure to keep the goal of promoting the value of CRM front and center. This requires choosing tasks and rewards intelligently. For compensation based organizations, make it clear that the reward for CRM adoption will be a boost in sales and its associated boost in compensation. The reward is in the task itself. Further to this, and to help spread the word about CRM, consider rewarding users for their testimonies and sharing these reviews company wide. If shared in the right ways, these testimonies can change a company’s perception of CRM and do wonders to increase adoption rates.

Time-Based Programs

Another approach is to incentivize users to enter meeting activity same-day.  Same day recall of meeting notes is significantly higher than even just one day of delayed entry.  Capitalize on this by setting time-based objectives that result in a reward for timely note entry for an extended period of time (think over the course of a quarter, for example) to build a habit vs. short term workflow adjustment.

A Well Chosen CRM Is It’s Own Reward

Ultimately, the chosen CRM software, if used, should streamline your sales processes as well as provide valuable insights through reporting. This in and of itself has to be valuable enough to be a reward on its own for any short term reward program to be effective at encouraging long term user adoption. Focus on tasks and rewards that promote the value of CRM data when you first introduce the technology as part of your internal CRM marketing efforts — but once you get the word out, let the CRM be its own reward!