Microsoft Dynamics 365

No business succeeds without effective  solutions that cover everything from nurturing leads, tracking deals, monitoring interactions to closing sales. And Microsoft —  a giant in the tech industry — has long forayed into such field through its Microsoft Dynamics line. But what makes their customer relationship management solutions — specifically Microsoft Dynamics 365 —  stand out? We take a look at its origin, evolution and advantages of its current offerings. .

A Brief History

Microsoft Dynamics CRM began in 2001 with Microsoft’s acquisition of iCommunicate. The merger lead to the production of a web-based CRM application intended for small and medium businesses. web based CRM application, In 2003, version 1.0 of what was then called Microsoft CRM was launched. It offered email campaign management and the most rudimentary of contact management. The later versions would see a shift towards the now-popular 365 brand as well as wider integrations with Microsoft software like Outlook.

The Big Benefits

Microsoft Dynamics 365 seamlessly integrates with many applications like Word, Outlook, SharePoint and Cortana and even Skype. Such feature saves users time by totally eradicating the need for double entry when dealing with several applications. It also allows easy collaboration when working with several people on customer relationship projects. The mobile app also highly customizable creating a more personalized workspace for users which helps them quickly accomplish their tasks. Better knowledge of clients can also be achieved through the platform’s social listening tools which allow users to see what their contacts are up to. The Pro license allows access to InsideView which gives users understanding of their customers purchasing behavior.

Voice Integration

Out of all the conveniences it offers, its capacity for voice to Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration is what would appeal most to people on the go — the sales team. Voice recognition technology such as Hey DAN can be leveraged to quickly gather data and information for storage in this particular CRM platform. In fact, it is the perfect supplement to any tool  designed to capture customer information like Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Substantial data gets into the system which allows it to create a clear picture of the value gained from every customer interaction.