Hey DAN in Action

It’s 4 AM. An electronic alarm goes off. Stan gets out of bed, puts on a pot of coffee and takes a quick shower. He scans his CRM system for the day’s itinerary, and it’s packed; it will take him across town through 5 different hospitals to meet with over a dozen doctors; one over lunch and another over coffee. He is also reminded to go over the details for the new product he is presenting to a new group – a chance to make a good first impression. A very important meeting is noted – one of the doctors in the itinerary is performing surgery – it’s all good because Stan can wait a bit, the schedule has been lined up so that there is ample time between meetings, dodged a bullet there. There is also a reminder to send over lunch to another group across town – just so he can take the meeting late in the afternoon before he retires for the day. Stan doesn’t have to worry about rushing back to the office to record his client meeting notes on the office computer though, he’s got a voice-to-CRM system that handles all of that for him – in real time.

A sales job is tough, pharma sales – tougher. It makes you wonder how a they cope with the constant pressure of mounting tasks on top of their sales quota. The selling part is hard, but before you can get to that part, there is the matter of setting up an initial meeting and making the follow-ups thereafter. Before the advent of mobile and voice technology, all of the client notes were recorded on a spreadsheet somewhere in office desktop computer. After a tough day running around town and catching up with clients, the rep had to return to the office and collate all of the notes written down on paper or a table napkin. Sometimes there are no notes at all, and everything has to be recalled from memory! Thankfully, our guy Stan gets a boost from Hey DAN, an advanced Voice to CRM solution that implements a unique combination of voice technology, AI and human intelligence. This makes the system fast and efficient, plus, it adapts to whatever CRM system your reps currently use. With Hey DAN, the sales representative can dictate all the information into his mobile device after each meeting – when everything is still fresh in his memory. Hey DAN then parses the information and enters the data into the CRM system with speed and accuracy. This way, the rep can easily plan his future itinerary around those small details incorporated into the system. Lunch meetings, sending over coffee or food before he drops by, the doctor’s schedule – all of this is vital for the sales rep. Pharmaceutical sales is a competitive arena and for the sales rep, anything that can give him an edge over other sales agents would be welcome.

It’s another day, and the alarm buzzes. Stan wakes up and has a smile on his face knowing that the day’s itinerary is going to be smooth – thanks to Hey DAN.