What is Lead Generation


Lead generation is the process of acquiring leads through marketing to convert them into paying customers. It’s when a prospective customer enters your sales pipeline for the first time and starts the journey towards learning more about each other.

There are many ways that companies start relationships with their customers. Starting with the awareness of your offer and sharing what makes you different, the relationship that upon nurturing well can last a lifetime.

Why do we need to generate leads?

Generating leads is important because it helps companies can better focus their efforts on the right kind of customers. Sales teams have a wide range of roles to fulfill – prospecting customers, nurturing relationships, and converting sales.

Being able to identify who will need their offers, and afford to make that decision will mean a huge difference. From knowing what is a good and bad lead, companies can save thousands of dollars in marketing expenses, sales team hours, and overall team morale.

How do we generate leads?

With the rise of the internet, online and social media has changed the landscape of lead generation. Prospective customers are more educated now than ever. From checking reviews from previous users, reading about your company’s status on industry reports to even reading direct comparisons with your competitors, customers need a lot of information before making a purchase.

A combination of on the ground activations, great content, and online campaigns can generate leads. From compelling blog posts, special events, or webinars to eBooks, once a customer has given a significant amount of time and shown enough interest to give their contact details, they become a lead.

What makes lead generation difficult?

While great leads exist, so do bad ones. Pursuing bad leads may even be worse than having no lead at all. One of the biggest reasons that lead generation is hard because it can be either very expensive or incredibly time-consuming.

For leads to be good, they must have accurate, relevant, and up-to-date data. They also need to be segmented into high and low priority and followed throughout their journey in the sales pipeline.

Improving the lead generation system

Lead generation is a tough business. Making sure the lead generation process is efficient and effective needs more than just a one-off set up process.

It’s a combination of marketing and sales working together to paint a clear picture of each customer. It requires continuous refinement of the buyer’s persona, understanding the customer lifecycle, and refining the nurturing process. All of this can be possible only with the right foundation of CRM data.

Your partner in lead generation

While the journey to generating leads may be difficult, companies don’t have to do it alone. By partnering with sales enablement platforms like Hey DAN, companies can utilize their consulting services to analyze opportunities throughout the sales pipeline.

Hey DAN also does data entry, clean up, and management services, which are essential to making sure that your company gets not just quantity but also quality leads.


Bad CRM Data Part 3: The Consequences

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is only as effective as its foundational data. At the heart of any communication strategy is knowledge about your ideal and current customers. But what happens when your data is unreliable?

Consequences of Bad CRM data

You’ll lose out on good customer leads.

Having a good CRM database means knowing useful, timely, and relevant information about your customers. A strong fundamental understanding of your existing customers are clues to improve not just your product or service but your overall customer experience.

If you don’t understand what customers want or need from you, you may be losing out on providing what they expect from you.

You will annoy customers.

Customers who feel unheard will quickly move to make their purchases where they are. Gone are the days when marketers would put up billboards and radio ads with no amount of targeting. These days, customers will be hesitant to trust you if you can’t even remember their names.

Check out Bad CRM Data Part 1 – What to Avoid

It will mess up your sales pipeline.

When you do not know who your customers are or the clear historical signs that they are ready to convert, you will not know where to put your energy. Your sales teams will struggle to manage their time and end up wasting resources pursuing a lead that is likely not going to make a purchase.

It will frustrate your sales teams.

No matter how many capable salespeople you have on your team, with bad data, they will be going into battle without ammunition. Not only will they have no accurate picture of their prospective clients, but they will also lose visibility on their existing ones.

To nurture relationships with customers, companies need to understand where they are at any point in time. Loyalty is fickle, but positive customer experience makes all the difference.

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It will waste endless resources.

One of the worse things that can happen with bad CRM data is forecasts will not be accurate. Management will not be able to set reasonable targets that will lead them to burn out and low morale from their sales teams.

Customers want a seamless experience between channels. An effective CRM system will pass customer information between relevant departments while speaking with the same voice. Great CRM remembers their birthdays, contact details, and addresses for shipping. Bad CRM data will have them feel like you are a broken record that asks the same questions with every purchase.

Do not fall into the trap of bad data. Help your salespeople not only do their job but do it well. Make sure that your CRM system is the most effective it can be through integrating it with sales enablement partners like Hey DAN.

Hey DAN can do everything from meeting notes, data entry, clean up, and mining; Hey DAN can even do the follow-ups for you so that you never miss out on purchasing milestones. Let Hey DAN worry about the last mile of the meeting and give your salespeople space and time to shine to do what they do best – close deals.

Crushing Sales Goals with Voice to CRM

As a sales leader in a large business, every bit of advantage can make that small jump in percentage in sales which is already a huge benchmark in achieving your goals for the month or the quarter at hand.

You want to give your sales agents that edge in maximising their time on closing deals than doing data entry into their CRM.

CRM Adoption has been a big issue for large companies where people just don’t have the time to adapt to a new platform better yet keying the minutes of every meeting into a CRM that well, so you might say not that user friendly most of the time.

This is why Voice to CRM companies are becoming a necessity so that it enables top sellers continue what they do best – SELL. All they have to do is record their meetings and a combination of AI and human intelligence would be able to process the data entry into ANY CRM.

The most popular CRMs are not usually the easiest to use, but with the most functionalities and its easy to get lost within and waste time by spending too much on processing your meeting notes then just fail at saving it correctly into the company CRM.

1 hour a day saved in theory is 5-7 hours a week, and 20 hours a month. Those 20 hours can be very much well spent with your agent’s specialty may it be conditioning clients or closing sales.

These hours can surely make a whole big of difference cumulatively in a quarter better yet in a year’s time.

The best part is, as a manager, you work with the CRM all the time and now, DATA is promptly and accurately entered by your team members which makes it also an improvement in the overall sales performance of the company.

How CRM can help SMEs

Most if not all businesses start with an idea where it then builds processes to generate leads and eventually make a sale. In reality there is so much to that which we will be getting into.

Start it up

Each year, thousands of entrepreneurs start a business. A large number of these startups are home-based businesses that account for 69 percent. Data reveals that, of the businesses started in 2014, 80 percent made it to year 2; 70 percent reached year 3; 62 percent got to year 4; and more than half (52%) survived to year 5. Basing on the data, there is a 44 percent startup failure rate. But the good thing is, more than half make it through the fifth year.

Let it ride

Congratulations! You made through year 5. So, what now? This may be the right time to re-evaluate your customer relations. Do not get complacent, especially with your current client roster. Find ways to generate new leads and expand your business. If you have a growing business and have yet to deploy a CRM system, now is the perfect time to do so. Here is why.

CRM Benefits

SME’s should deploy some sort of CRM system if just for these reasons:

  • Improved Client Relationships. Your business is built on customers, and the more you know about them, the better for your business and the more important your clients feel.
  • Better Service. A synchronized client database means that every agent in your pool has access to all the pertinent information. Companies become more efficient in servicing their clients because of this.
  • Increased profitability. When utilized correctly, CRM systems increase productivity by improving sales cycles and processes. This will naturally result in increased revenue as sales people can make more sales with the shorter sales cycle.
  • Cost savings. Your agents can be more efficient in creating meeting schedules, as there is more information readily available to plot an efficient itinerary. Efficiency also results in more time for more sales related activities, thus lowering the cost per client sale or acquisition.

Being apprehensive of the cost implications is no longer an excuse to deploy a quality CRM solution. There are many decent, cost-efficient solutions that would fit your organization.

Hubspot offers a CRM solution that is 100% free – forever. Robust and full-featured, Hubspot enables you to instantly view of your entire sales funnel on a clean, visual dashboard. It also automatically logs your sales activity like emails, calls and social media interactions. Keep everything organized in a timeline that stores your emails, meeting notes and calls. It’s easy to deploy and it doesn’t cost a cent, so there is nothing to lose and virtually a ton to gain. And as your business grows, more and more options are available to you like data entry services and voice enabled solutions. Hubspot together with its partners can sure be swiss knife in your toolbox.

Starting a business is hard, but staying the course and seeing it through is harder. Having the right tools at your disposal will greatly increase your chances at making it to the next round and with a little imagination and a lot of hard work, who knows; your brand could become the next big thing.

Hey DAN in Action

It’s 4 AM. An electronic alarm goes off. Stan gets out of bed, puts on a pot of coffee and takes a quick shower. He scans his CRM system for the day’s itinerary, and it’s packed; it will take him across town through 5 different hospitals to meet with over a dozen doctors; one over lunch and another over coffee. He is also reminded to go over the details for the new product he is presenting to a new group – a chance to make a good first impression. A very important meeting is noted – one of the doctors in the itinerary is performing surgery – it’s all good because Stan can wait a bit, the schedule has been lined up so that there is ample time between meetings, dodged a bullet there. There is also a reminder to send over lunch to another group across town – just so he can take the meeting late in the afternoon before he retires for the day. Stan doesn’t have to worry about rushing back to the office to record his client meeting notes on the office computer though, he’s got a voice-to-CRM system that handles all of that for him – in real time.

A sales job is tough, pharma sales – tougher. It makes you wonder how a they cope with the constant pressure of mounting tasks on top of their sales quota. The selling part is hard, but before you can get to that part, there is the matter of setting up an initial meeting and making the follow-ups thereafter. Before the advent of mobile and voice technology, all of the client notes were recorded on a spreadsheet somewhere in office desktop computer. After a tough day running around town and catching up with clients, the rep had to return to the office and collate all of the notes written down on paper or a table napkin. Sometimes there are no notes at all, and everything has to be recalled from memory! Thankfully, our guy Stan gets a boost from Hey DAN, an advanced Voice to CRM solution that implements a unique combination of voice technology, AI and human intelligence. This makes the system fast and efficient, plus, it adapts to whatever CRM system your reps currently use. With Hey DAN, the sales representative can dictate all the information into his mobile device after each meeting – when everything is still fresh in his memory. Hey DAN then parses the information and enters the data into the CRM system with speed and accuracy. This way, the rep can easily plan his future itinerary around those small details incorporated into the system. Lunch meetings, sending over coffee or food before he drops by, the doctor’s schedule – all of this is vital for the sales rep. Pharmaceutical sales is a competitive arena and for the sales rep, anything that can give him an edge over other sales agents would be welcome.

It’s another day, and the alarm buzzes. Stan wakes up and has a smile on his face knowing that the day’s itinerary is going to be smooth – thanks to Hey DAN.

Staying Productive

Making the Most out of the current situation

The Corona virus (COVID-19) caught the world by surprise and we all are now forced to cope with the present reality. Staying at home and avoiding social contact is what the experts say, is the best way to beating the pandemic. Companies have taken the cue and are doing everything they can to avoid a grinding halt. Many of them have shifted their operations to a work-from-home setup, because, from a business standpoint, there are still opportunities to pursue and services to render. With that being said, here are some ideas to staying productive amidst the spreading global health crisis.

Re-imagine the workflow

Because of the pandemic, we now face a new normal – and that is little to no social interaction. Because of this, working from home has become more of the norm than the exception, and for sales teams used to doing field work and meeting with clients, this can come as a shock. Thankfully, CRM systems are configurable to our current predicament. With a little tinkering, these systems can be automated to send out alerts to key persons when certain situations arise – a good example would be reminders for follow-ups. Another situation that these systems can help with is when an employee falls ill; work will be delegated to other team members until they can get back, so the workflow doesn’t skip a beat.

Spring cleaning

Another drawback from working at home is it generates downtime. Flip it to become an advantage by delegating clean-up runs. Let’s face it, not everyone will be busy during these times; identify key personnel and give them database clean up tasks. This way, when everything returns to normal, you will have a lean and clean CRM machine.

No place like home

Marketers know that during these times of social distancing, customers will be turning to the Internet more than ever. If it hasn’t been done it yet, now would be the perfect time to integrate the company CRM system with the website. Integration is fairly easy (any decent CRM system – SAP, Oracle, HubSpot CRM, or Microsoft Dynamics, will already have this feature built-in) and ensures that any customer data entered into the website gets saved into the database. This is then cascaded to the right people or be integrated into the workflow. Make sure valuable data does not fall between the cracks during the next weeks. This will be key in keeping businesses moving forward.

And while we’re at it, why not integrate CRM with your business calendars and email campaigns as well? Send out bulk emails to set customers in a consistent and timely fashion. Similar with website integration, it would also be a great to incorporate CRM solutions with business productivity tools. Before the pandemic, a transition like this would disrupt your team’s workflow, but since a good number of your team members would have free time on their hands anyway, getting them all on board with this initiative would be highly beneficial in the long-term.

What we can do now is very limited, but this should not deter us from being productive. Doing so ensures a quick bounce back, post crisis. With a little effort, we will all come out of this better and stronger than before.

Hey DAN Taking Action Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Mitigating a crisis requires instant and decisive action, yet unprecedented events, like the current COVID-19 situation, make it all the more challenging as you try and navigate your way through uncharted waters. Thankfully, Hey DAN saw the implications of what COVID-19 might mean for their operations and within a 24-hour period, was able to enact its Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and was fully operational;  ready to support all clients.

Helping you. Helping them.

Hunkering down and staying  home is the only way to fight the current pandemic and with this in mind, Hey DAN implemented a fully remote workforce with the approval of the customers they support. It has a trickle effect wherein the current setup keeps Hey DAN employees working, ensuring support and services to their clients are met. At the same time, client workload volume increased due to  their need to connect with their clients, knowing full well that  CRM and client data is more important than ever.

Our continued efforts keeps business moving and customer needs fulfilled thus averting an economic situation from overlapping the current health crisis.

Time to Shine

Hey DAN prides itself in its ability to collaborate with their clients and pivot to meet their ever changing needs. The value of this becomes more evident in times of crisis. Essential, yet taken-for-granted, CRM expertise is now more useful than ever.

Email communication, phone calls and virtual events are top on the priority list for our clients as these communication methods have become the preferred method to engage clients while face to face engagements are unable to occur.  Hey DAN ensured these vital client engagements were quickly memorialized in the CRM.

Getting the Job Done

With everything going on around us, Hey DAN is doing its part by utilizing technology in helping the community as well as making sure to support its employees in providing a full workforce to perform essential business processes to keep business going.

Get your Speak On: How Voice Technology affects the future of CRM

In 1984, the first Macintosh was introduced, and one of the most applauded parts of that product unveiling was when Steve Jobs made the Mac literally “speak” for itself. Ever since, it has become the stuff of Internet legend. More than 30 years have passed and voice technology has advanced by leaps and bounds – doing much more that just say, “Hello. I’m a Macintosh”.

Voice technology is everywhere. People speak to their phones or computers more and more these days, asking directions for the nearest Mexican restaurant or dictating a to-do list to their virtual assistant. The fact is, voice interaction with smart devices has become more ubiquitous and there seems to be no slowing it down. This stems from our desire for convenience – where everything is within arms reach or in this case – a voice command away.

According to research firm Ovum, voice assistants like Siri and Cortana will outnumber the entire human population by 2021. Don’t worry; it’s not a SkyNet situation. It only means that people are getting more comfortable with the technology and are rapidly adopting it in their everyday lives. Businesses are also incorporating voice technology into their workflows, especially in the CRM space, where 83% of customers are willing to share information, given that businesses are transparent with how their data is being used and if it results in a better customer experience.

Advancement in voice technology and artificial intelligence, has greatly improved the user experience in the CRM software space. Where before, the task of populating a database was purely a manual chore, a faster and more accurate process that involves these core technologies has now replaced it. This produces a database with lesser errors for more accurate data analysis.

Enter Hey DAN, a Voice-to-CRM solution that incorporates a unique combination of voice and AI technologies that greatly increase the efficiency of CRM data entry. With this solution, the agent only needs to speak the information into their mobile device, after which, voice technology and AI take over. All relevant CRM fields are automatically filled up with accuracy. This means no more manual entry that take up valuable time, and best of all, it adapts to whatever CRM system your company currently uses.

From its humble beginnings at Bell Labs, to that legendary Apple unveiling, voice technology has definitely come a long way, but it’s not done yet. Future plans include incorporating emotions to AI voice replies and voice recognition that also picks up the nuances and tone of voice being used by the speaker. Someday, voice technology may be enabled to carry out complex conversations and take on roles such as coaching and counseling – a far cry from “Hello. I’m a Macintosh”.

Hey DAN Ranked by HubSpot in the Top 10 Sales Tools

HubSpot, an established authority in sales and marketing, ranked Hey DAN among their list of “The 10 Best Networking Apps Every Sales Professional Needs”. Formerly Dial-A-Note, Hey DAN’s Voice-to-CRM service is showcased for improving the quality of information captured on new prospects. Speaking notes after a meeting ensures that sales reps can add contact profiles along with details of their interactions to their company’s CRM right away so they don’t forget pertinent information. Hey DAN’s Voice-to-CRM solution is quick and easy which allows sales team to “get back to meeting more people”.

HubSpot recognizes the reality that “Networking often takes place…when you least expect it — like standing in line at the airport. What’s important is that you’re always ready to make the most of any encounter with a prospect.” Hey DAN stands out among the apps listed as the tool that most meets this need. Other tools recommended by HubSpot include presentation sharing apps, news aggregators and lead generators which all help to seek out and prepare for impromptu networking opportunities; but of all the tools showcased, only Hey DAN users are ready to capture meaningful insights when those opportunities are at hand. With Hey DAN’s Voice-to-CRM service, sales reps are best able to capture key information, and this data helps them to capitalize on more opportunities.

No other Voice-to-CRM technology was included in HubSpot’s recommendations suggesting that Hey DAN’s approach is a stand out among similar services. Unlike most speech technology available today, Hey DAN doesn’t require users to make adjustments to their ways of speaking for it to function properly. It is built on AI that is seamlessly incorporated with human intelligence giving its users the best of both worlds. The service can accurately capture complex data and enter it promptly into your company’s chosen CRM — be it HubSpot or any other. It is a ‘technology service’, rather than strictly a technology.