Voice to CRM for Sales Reps

Turning Conversations into Meaningful data

Voice technology is expected to take over the keyboard-using age and according to the data from Comscore, more than 50% of smartphone users in 2020 used voice technology.  Soon the majority of users will use their voices to engage with their phones more than  they type, and why not? It’s fast, convenient, and hands-free.  The good news is with the recent developments in voice technology, the accuracy of  speech recognition will continue to advance, especially in the CRM market, where efficiency is highly valued.

What is meant by Meaningful Data?

A full transcription of a phone call or meeting itself isn’t very useful when it comes to analyzing data. The important information is in there somewhere, but with hundreds of phone calls and conversations made by the sales team daily, it can be very hard to sort out usable data.

Voice to CRM allows you to transcribe the meaningful parts of the conversations and sift through them using AI, or human intelligence, or both. to accurately extract the needed data that can generate valuable insights, and enter that data into your CRM system.

Everyone in the company can benefit from integrating a Voice to CRM solution, however, this is especially true for sales representatives due to their hectic schedules and constant meetings. The sales reps are the  medium between the company and its prospects. According to the statistics provided by Capterra, 80% of CRM users agree that the Sales team utilizes their CRM system the most. Marketing and Customer Service came in second and third place, respectively.

With Voice to CRM, recording conversations, taking notes, and communication through email can be done with just speaking, thus saving time, and effort for sales reps who are always busy attending to the needs of their customers. CRM is very important for Salespeople, and integrating Voice to CRM in the system will further streamline the entire process.

Let’s take a closer look at how Voice to CRM benefits Sales Representatives:

Voice to CRM for Sales Reps

Better use of their time

Time is money, yet a lot of it is wasted with manual typing, note-taking, or going to the office to report data. So much time is wasted on doing administrative tasks instead of focusing on selling and engaging with the client.

A study comparing the input speed of using a keyboard versus speech, conducted by Stanford University, concluded that speech is 2.9x faster than using a keyboard. Sales reps, and other employees, can save 4 – 6 hours weekly using Voice to CRM.

Instead of going home or the office then trying to remember the details of the meeting that need to be entered into the CRM, sales reps can simply talk to their phones to update their contacts, enter meeting notes, assign follow up tasks and more!  By simply dictating a recap of their meeting, the data entry is done on-the-go for further time efficiency.

Reducing manual data entry by using Voice to CRM also increases the user adoption rate, which means that the company can save time and achieve its goals faster.

Data is more Accurate

There are two things to keep in mind when it comes to ensuring data accuracy:

  1. The timeliness of the data being entered
  2. Complete information gathered

A short experiment conducted by Hey DAN showed that 100% of the data is retained in notes that were done on the same day as the meeting. Whereas notes that were done 1-2 days after, exhibited only 67% note retention, and it gets lower as more days pass.

This means that data is more complete and accurate when it is entered on the same day.

Since Voice to CRM allows you to record data immediately following a client engagement, the most complete data possible is retained and entered into its designated fields. No data goes missing or forgotten. All of the details will be entered into the CRM quickly, including any form of insight or tone that can help the sales rep manage his/her lead.

Allows for more flexibility on how information is recorded

Sales Representatives are constantly talking with their clients. These are conversations between real people, not some rigid questionnaire with fields that need to be filled in. Talking is more flexible and open-ended, because of this, sales reps can freely go into detail with their notes and data entries as they speak to the Voice to CRM system. Information about a customer complaint, a closed sale, or any recommendations they might have can be stored without any field limitations, which goes back to more complete and accurate data.

Sales Representatives can Focus on Sales

At the end of the day, a Sales Representative’s job is to generate leads and close more sales, while encoding should be on the sidelines. The elimination of manual data entry can free up so much time and increase data accuracy. With these tools and added time, sales representatives will be able to focus on what they do best, selling.


Voice to CRM is an enablement solution that will increase CRM adoption with corporate sales representatives as it lightens the burden of actually entering data manually to the CRM and increases captured data quality thus giving any sales person a better chance at closing a sale.