Built for People on the Road: Save Time, Increase Sales

The Impact of Automation and Data Technology: Who Bears the Burden?

The rise of automation and data technology has created a two-fold impact on the business world. According to a study from AgileCraft, secretaries rank in the top 3 professions with the highest risk of being replaced by automation — with a 96% risk. We made great strides in processing and analyzing data as technology continued to evolve. As this demand increased, we saw the growth and evolution of data mining through the use of CRM technology. While this new automated world has lifted our reliance on secretaries, and even on analysts to a certain degree, it has shifted some administrative tasks to other workers in the field who are the primary source of information — sales reps. We demanded deep-dyed data entry tasks from them to maintain these robust CRM databases —  adding a new administrative burden… for which fewer secretaries exist to shoulder the burden.

Life on the Road - Sales Voice to CRM

Life On The Road: Where Does the Time Go?

Compounding this time vacuum is the difficult reality of working from the road. Sales reps know the burden of having to pull out a laptop throughout their busy day in the field to do ‘CRM stuff’. Many organizations have tried to address such challenge by getting them on the mobile app versions of their CRM tools, but let’s face it, such efforts still failed. Most of these professionals are simply not wired to perform administrative functions. They want to stick to what they do best — selling. Furthermore, introducing them to anything that needs training requires too much time and effort to plan and execute because of their busy schedules. And whatever tool is presented to them, if data entry can only be achieved by them thumb-typing their notes on a phone and or any device, the task still gobbles up an obscene amount of time. Time that could be spent doing what they are primarily hired to do — making more money.

Save Time with Voice to CRM: Get Back to Selling!

Conversational CRM is the solution: built for people on the road. Dictating notes from your meetings saves time. As a result, sales people spend more time selling, which results in increased sales. Voice to CRM platforms that are doing it best blend technology with human factor for an unmatchable level of complexity and intelligence, offering the experience of having a secretary, at a small fraction of the cost. No restrictions, no formats — just dictate, and get back to selling. And with such solution available to them, there is no excuse to delay entry of their customer interactions and transactions.

Consequently, sales managers and other leaders benefit from it as well. With up-to-the-minute information stored in CRM systems, unhealthy trends are quickly spotted. They are provided a reliable source of information for expedient sales performance management.

You Need Intelligent Data… So You Need Intelligent Voice to CRM

A robust CRM database is a gold mine of intelligent data, and in this day and age, businesses need intelligent data. What they don’t need is the burden of another administrative task that takes sales reps away from selling opportunities. Intelligent Voice to CRM removes this burden and provides the intelligent data needed to get those valuable insights that will improve sales process and increase sales.

Hey DAN Ranked by HubSpot in the Top 10 Sales Tools

HubSpot, an established authority in sales and marketing, ranked Hey DAN among their list of “The 10 Best Networking Apps Every Sales Professional Needs”. Formerly Dial-A-Note, Hey DAN’s Voice-to-CRM service is showcased for improving the quality of information captured on new prospects. Speaking notes after a meeting ensures that sales reps can add contact profiles along with details of their interactions to their company’s CRM right away so they don’t forget pertinent information. Hey DAN’s Voice-to-CRM solution is quick and easy which allows sales team to “get back to meeting more people”.

HubSpot recognizes the reality that “Networking often takes place…when you least expect it — like standing in line at the airport. What’s important is that you’re always ready to make the most of any encounter with a prospect.” Hey DAN stands out among the apps listed as the tool that most meets this need. Other tools recommended by HubSpot include presentation sharing apps, news aggregators and lead generators which all help to seek out and prepare for impromptu networking opportunities; but of all the tools showcased, only Hey DAN users are ready to capture meaningful insights when those opportunities are at hand. With Hey DAN’s Voice-to-CRM service, sales reps are best able to capture key information, and this data helps them to capitalize on more opportunities.

No other Voice-to-CRM technology was included in HubSpot’s recommendations suggesting that Hey DAN’s approach is a stand out among similar services. Unlike most speech technology available today, Hey DAN doesn’t require users to make adjustments to their ways of speaking for it to function properly. It is built on AI that is seamlessly incorporated with human intelligence giving its users the best of both worlds. The service can accurately capture complex data and enter it promptly into your company’s chosen CRM — be it HubSpot or any other. It is a ‘technology service’, rather than strictly a technology.

Knowing more about Salesforce CRM

If your relationship with your customers is a top priority—as it should be—then you definitely need to invest in a customer relationship management (CRM) platform.  It is essential for efficient aggregation of your customers’ information, effective management of  their needs, and automation of many related processes. Arguably, Salesforce has been top of the list for the past few years now. Is this the platform that’s best suited for your business? We take a look here at what makes it a good choice

Success Story

Salesforce started in 1999 as business specializing in software as a service (SaaS). Composed of many former Oracle employees and software developers, the company is a leader in the field—its NYSE listing is even tagged as “CRM”. Through the years, the primary offering of the company grew from mainly sales automation to include a customer success platform, analytics software, and eventually cloud services. It has remained one of the leading providers of CRM services to companies globally.

The Core Basics

The biggest draw of Salesforce is that it is scalable to fit different sizes of businesses. That means that it is just as effective when it comes to small businesses all the way up to the largest enterprises. Anyone can benefit from their model that is customizable to a number of needs. Here are its unique advantages:

Efficient Data Management

Salesforce CRM allows you to not just input customer and lead information into its system, it also allows you to track different activities. This means that you can act on a particular set of customers whether they’re just interested all the way up to your most loyal purchasers. The data provided by Salesforce is comprehensive and includes their interests as expressed on their social media platforms all the way to their buying habits.

Social Integration

In a world where anyone who’s anyone is on social media, it’s a big advantage that Salesforce also has plug-ins that allow you to jump in on conversations or even speak directly to customers and potential customers. This is baked into the platform itself—reducing the number of tools that you need to have open therefore minimizing clutter. This connectedness moves it beyond just a resource of customer information.

Anywhere Accessibility

As one of the industry’s pioneers in adopting the cloud-based model, Salesforce allows you to access its platforms anywhere you may be. Such feature allows for ease of integration and installation to a wide range of  systems and devices. Accessibility is everything nowadays so the cloud-based model sets Salesforce above the pack.

Voice to Salesforce CRM Service Integration

Salesforce’s accessibility attribute makes it more appealing to users as it can easily be integrated with voice technology.. This provides great convenience not only when pulling data but most essentially  when collecting customer information. Professionals whose main functions are to gather leads and interact with existing customers will have an effortless experience with a tool that is fully integrated with such technology . When it comes to technology for such purpose, Hey DAN is the most fitting as it is combined with human intelligence which ensures proper sorting of data that goes into your CRM like Salesforce. All these things come in a bundle that is fully customizable not just to your needs but your budget as well. Such customizability is one of the biggest draws of Salesforce benefiting a wide scale of businesses