Incentivizing Better CRM Adoption

New things always bring about resistance, even the ones that bring about positive change. While Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a great tool that saves time, money, and effort from all angles, many employees still reject its use.

There are many reasons why people don’t want to learn new software. However, the benefits of having a strong CRM system outweigh the difficultly of transitioning to it. With this, companies need to step up and find a way to incentivize their adoption.

Here are a few ways things that your company can do to improve CRM Adoption:

incentivizing CRM AdoptionCreate CRM Champions

Before you even purchase your CRM software, you should engage with everyone from every rank to help select it. From upper and middle management, sales leadership to the sales teams, companies need to consult everyone from the decision-makers to the end-user.

While companies as a whole tend to benefit from taking advantage of a CRM system, it is individuals that determine how much good you can actually reap. Improving CRM Adoption starts by making every person involved in its utilization under its value.

When people feel like their opinions are validated, they are more likely to champion it. These CRM champions can help preach to their ranks about all the benefits that the software has offer, relevant to their roles.


Gamified Rewards System

Once you a group of people convinced of its use, it’s time to encourage everyone else to join them for the ride. One way to make sure people are always on the lookout to improve your CRM System is to gamify the adoption process.

Gamification encourages teamwork, consistency, and steady improvement. By integrating game-like mechanics and reward systems, you can incentivize your employees to use your CRM system more effectively. SalesForce CRM has apps that are developed to gamify their robust CRM system.

With results-based tracking, companies can find their early adopters who can find practical ways to integrate the CRM software into their workflow. Then, these practices can be shared with other people and further refined to get the most out of the system.

Invest in CRM Training & Data Entry Support

Sometimes, no matter how determined or hard-working your team is, they still need help. Investing in additional training is one way to push the agenda of the importance of CRM software.

By giving time for employees to attend workshops, talks, and training by professionals, they can take time from their regular schedules to learn it. This way, your teams will not have to sacrifice their other targets and aspects of their role.

Companies can also hire integrated services such as Hey DAN. Not only by providing consulting and training for CRM adoption, but Hey DAN also fulfills a lot of heavy lifting that comes with implementing CRM as a whole.

From CRM data entry, management to cleaning data, Hey DAN makes sure that companies never drop the ball, even when their teams are still learning how to use the system. Providing a full slate of other services, employees can adapt to their CRM system with a little help.