CRM Strategies for Internal Employee Engagement

During unpredictable times, many employees are buckling under the weight of the new world. Employees look towards their employers for stability and comfort. It’s not easy to engage multiple people at once, especially for big companies who have thousands on their list.

Luckily, a well-implemented CRM system can make all the difference. Here are a few ways to engage your employees with your internal CRM system:

CRM Strategies for Internal Employee Engagement 

Ask employees how they are

With the rise of work from home arrangements, many employees are still struggling to adapt. Creating avenues for employees to share their new grievances will give upper management a better insight on how to improve their productivity and overall happiness.

Give mental health support

Regardless if an employee is doing well or needs help, offering help is always welcome. Whether it’s sending them discount coupons for hiring cleaning teams or tips for stress relief, it’s good to make employees know that their mental wellness is a priority for their company.

Greet them on special days

When you keep track of relevant details about your employees, it becomes easier to greet them on their special days. From birthdays, mother or father’s days, company anniversaries, and so on, a little acknowledgment goes a long way to making employees feel special.

Suggest ways to bring teams together

Having opportunities to bring people outside meetings are necessary for team building. Employees need to feel like they’re more than just there to do their job. From zoom drinking mixers to online yoga classes, there are plenty of ways that companies can create spaces for their employees to get to know each other outside of meeting rooms.

Give your employees regularly updates on company projects & plans

Companies need to share their vision before their employees can help build it with them. They need to be clear about the successes, failures, and plans to move forward. Sharing insights and progress on company projects and plans make employees see their contributions come to life.

Publicly praise good performers

It’s not enough to share company success. Employees also need to feel like their work is valued. It’s important to thank and uplift employees who have given their time and energy towards bringing projects to life.

Maintaining Your Employee CRM Data

While keeping track of your customer’s CRM data accuracy is already a handful, many companies do not have dedicated teams that make sure that employee CRM systems are up-to-date. Not doing so is a wasted opportunity for companies to maximize their CRM system investments.

With a well-designed employee CRM system, each conversation can be personalized, engaging, and relevant. It’s a great way to make every employee feel that they are valued. Partnering with CRM enablement technology providers such as Hey DAN can make a big difference in making sure you never forget a name, role, and milestone.

Hey DAN uses machine learning and human touch to make sure that every detail that your employees share with you gets logged from ; Hey DAN makes sure that every customer, even your internal ones, feel appreciated.